Acknowledge in spanish


pronunciation: rekoʊnoʊθeɹ̩ part of speech: verb
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acknowledge = reconocer, aceptar. 

Example: In acknowledging these principles, Sears' is consistent with traditional ideas on the construction of alphabetical subject catalogues.


» acknowledge + receipt = acusar recibo.

Example: I'm assuming that she has, indeed, received it, but, somehow, I wish she would acknowledge receipt.

Acknowledge synonyms

know in spanish: saber, pronunciation: noʊ part of speech: verb receipt in spanish: recibo, pronunciation: rɪsit part of speech: noun notice in spanish: darse cuenta, pronunciation: noʊtəs part of speech: noun, verb cite in spanish: citar, pronunciation: saɪt part of speech: verb recognize in spanish: reconocer, pronunciation: rekəgnaɪz part of speech: verb admit in spanish: admitir, pronunciation: ədmɪt part of speech: verb mention in spanish: mencionar, pronunciation: menʃən part of speech: verb, noun

Acknowledge antonyms

deny pronunciation: dɪnaɪ part of speech: verb
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