Acoustic in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkustikoʊ part of speech: adjective, noun
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acoustic = acústico. 

Example: The floor is carpeted, thus providing a large degree of acoustic absorption and a unifying and dominant colour pattern through the library.


» acoustic coupler = acoplador acústico. [Aparato muy parecido a un teléfono normal que sirve para conectar un ordenador con otro por medio de la línea telefónica]

Example: Unlike the modem, the acoustic coupler does not require an electrical connection.

» acoustic guitar = guitarra acústica.

Example: Skiffle took off thanks to the growing availability of cheap acoustic guitars and the novelty appeal of home-made instruments.

» acoustic insulation = insonorización, aislamiento acústico.

Example: They are lightweight, flexible, and easy to handle and are designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of flat and curved surfaces.

» acoustic isolation = insonorización, aislamiento acústico.

Example: An undisputed advantage of a ventilated curtain wall is acoustic isolation.

» acoustic tiling = insonorización con placas acústicas.

Example: Colours are discussed, and noise level (and its reduction by carpeting, acoustic tiling and baffles).

» acoustic wave = onda acústica.

Example: The telephone is an example of a terminal, converting the acoustic waves of speech into a fluctuating electrical signal, and the signal back to audible form.

Acoustic synonyms

acoustical in spanish: acústico, pronunciation: əkustɪkəl part of speech: adjective
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