Acquainted in spanish


pronunciation: fɑmiliɑɹ̩iθɑdoʊ part of speech: verb
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acquaint = familiarizar. 

Example: We have attempted to acquaint you with a set of basic principles that will help you to classify documents.


» acquaint + Reflexivo + with = familiarizarse con.

Example: If you possess a copy of CC it would be advisable for you to look through it at this stage and acquaint yourself with the general appearance of each Part before proceeding further.

» become + acquainted with = familiarizarse con, conocer, llegar a conocer.

Example: This information is displayed to allow the borrower to become acquainted with the subject terminology used by the library.

» get + acquainted = conocerse.

Example: They got acquainted while organizing a music festival.

» get + acquainted with = conocer, familiarizarse con, llegar a conocer.

Example: Here are some ideas for helping your children get acquainted with the public library.

Acquainted synonyms

acquainted with in spanish: familiarizado con, pronunciation: əkweɪntɪdwɪð familiar with in spanish: familiar con, pronunciation: fəmɪljɜrwɪð
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