Acquaintance in spanish


pronunciation: koʊnoʊθidoʊ part of speech: noun
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acquaintance1 = conocimiento. 

Example: It is only with accumulating experience and many years of close study and acquaintance with bibliographic works that a really substantial body of knowledge of the potential of bibliographic sources is acquired.


» gain + an acquaintance with = familiarizarse con.

Example: Martin Bircher, a visiting professor in the German Department of the University of California at Berkeley, gained an intimate acquaintance with the rare books in several collections of the University Library.

» nodding acquaintance = conocimiento pasivo. [Conocimiento básico de algo suficiente para poder reconocer y entender un asunto]

Example: Today, it is difficult to conceive of a library school that neglects to offer its students a chance to experiment with databases and gain at least a nodding acquaintance with programming and a computer language.

» on first acquaintance = a primera vista.

Example: This definitely one of its strengths, even if the schedules may seem a little daunting on first acquaintance.

acquaintance2 = conocido. 

Example: The 'empty sincerity' of the greeting one might exchange on passing an acquaintance on the street is not sufficient for reference enquirers, as Thomas Lee Eichman has recently explained.

Acquaintance synonyms

friend in spanish: amigo, pronunciation: frend part of speech: noun familiarity in spanish: familiaridad, pronunciation: fəmɪljerəti part of speech: noun acquaintanceship in spanish: conocimiento, pronunciation: əkweɪntənsʃɪp part of speech: noun conversance in spanish: conocimiento, pronunciation: kənvɜrsəns part of speech: noun conversancy in spanish: conversación, pronunciation: kənvɜrsənsi part of speech: noun
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