Actively in spanish


pronunciation: ɑktibɑmente part of speech: adverb
In gestures

actively = activamente, vigorosamente, de un modo activo, con entusiasmo, con vigor. 

Example: In addition to continuing and advancing programs begun prior to his directorship, Mr. Welsh has actively supported current efforts toward Universal Bibliographical Control.


» actively maintained = vigente, actualizado.

Example: Librarians who have established diverse, actively maintained graphic novel collections tend to agree on this point = Los bibliotecarios que han creado colecciones de novelas gráficas diversas y actualizadas tienden a coincidir en este punto.

» proactively [pro-actively] = con iniciativa, con dinamismo.

Example: So long as the library possesses accurate knowledge about its activities, it can use it proactively to define the areas where it would be money and effort down the drain.

Actively antonyms

passively pronunciation: pæsɪvli part of speech: adverb
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