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pronunciation: ɑktibidɑd part of speech: noun
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activity = actividad. 

Example: The vocabulary used in conjunction with PRECIS is split in two sections, one part for Entities (or things) and the other for Attributes (properties of things, for example colour, weight; activities of things, for example flow, and properties of activities, for example, slow, turbulent).


» activity-oriented task = tarea orientada hacia una actividad.

Example: An example of routine activity-oriented tasks in a library is the task of shelving books or preparing catalog cards.

» activity rate = tasa de actividad. [Relación entre la población activa y la población en edad laboral]

Example: Also examined in this section are two other aspects of the population structure: the dependency ratio and the activity rate (the ratio of the labor force to the total population).

» activity sampling = muestreo de actividades. [Recogida aleatoria de las actividades que tienen lugar en la biblioteca]

Example: This article describes the survey undertaken at Dartford and Margate libraries which consisted of 3 separate exercises: a comparison of entrance gate and borrowing figures; a survey; and activity sampling.

» activity sheet = hoja de actividades.

Example: Many of the activities are accompanied by reproducible activity sheets you can distribute to students.

» after-school activity = actividad extraescolar.

Example: Patrons also perceive the library as a safe place for children to go for after-school activities.

» arena for activity = ámbito de actuación.

Example: These parameters delimit the arena for activity and are important to have in place before concrete action plans are created.

» be a hive of activity = ser un hervidero de actividad, bullir de actividad.

Example: It's been a busy summer of sport for thousands of children as schools and clubs across the country make sure the holiday period is a hive of activity.

» cease + activities = suspender actividades.

Example: An earlier association was formed in 1909 but ceased activity 2 years later and it was not until 1947 that steps were taken to establish another.

» commercial activity = actividad comercial.

Example: This includes the liability for all bodily injury, material or immaterial damage, caused to any third party within the framework of their commercial activity.

» conduct + an activity = realizar una actividad, llevar a cabo una actividad.

Example: In areas of chronic illiteracy this activity may need to be conducted with as much energy as is given to in-school work.

» core activity = actividad principal, actividad fundamental.

Example: Based on these core activities, we estimate an annual operating budget of approximately $3.2M.

» craft activity = manualidad, trabajo manual.

Example: Children are offered quiz, crossword and craft activities, many utilising the 150 or so library books on pets and related subjects.

» cultural activity = actividad cultural.

Example: The groups continue, however, to keep alive their heritages through festivals and cultural activities.

» daily activity = actividad cotidiana, actividad diaria, actividad de cada día.

Example: If you have arthritis, you probably know by now even simple daily activities can become a lot harder.

» day-to-day activity = actividad cotidiana, actividad diaria, actividad de cada día.

Example: Alzheimer's disease can make ordinary, day-to-day activities challenging.

» do + activities = realizar actividades.

Example: Doing activities that have immediate connections to the real world increases learning and may increase the development or maintenance of dendrites in the brain.

» engage in + an activity = realizar una actividad.

Example: Since the early 1970s the LC has engaged in various activities which have in some way supported the work of the co-operative.

» extension activity = extensión bibliotecaria. [Actos organizados por la biblioteca que aunque no son puramente bibliotecarios ayudan a difundir su imagen entre los ciudadanos]

Example: A variety of extension activities, such as book clubs, competitions and quizzes also help to publicize the stock and the work of the library.

» extent of activity = ámbito de actuación.

Example: These parameters delimit the extent of activity and are important to have in place before concrete action plans are created.

» extracurricular activity = actividad extracurricular.

Example: Even with a midshipman's demanding academic and athletic schedule, you will have time for extracurricular activities.

» field of activity = área del conocimiento.

Example: Thus all students will initially follow a common core syllabus, then opt for particular specialisms linked to specific fields of activity.

» flurry of activity = ajetreo, revuelo, trajín.

Example: In all this flurry of activity in the early seventies public libraries were not only ignored but showed little interest, in spite of the fact that inroads were being made into their traditional library functions.

» follow-up activity = actividad complementaria, tarea complementaria, ejercicio complementario.

Example: Follow-up activities are discussed as well as the need for more educational programs dealing with sand dunes and saltwater marshes.

» hyperactivity = hiperactividad.

Example: The article 'Hypertext, hyperbole, and other hyperactivity' provides a lay perspective on hypertext.

» inactivity = inactividad, falta de actividad.

Example: This project will look at ways of using information to predict the biological activity or inactivity of a three-dimensional chemical structure = Este proyecto estudiará las formas de usar la información para predecir la actividad o inactividad biológica de una estructura química tridimensional.

» interactivity = interacción, interactividad.

Example: In technical jargon, this reactive ability of a computer is known as 'interactivity'.

» launch + an activity = promover una actividad.

Example: The activities which have been launched by the Commission of the European Communities (CEC) support the concept of a cooperative, distributed network of materials data information services.

» learning activity = tarea de aprendizaje, tarea educativa. [En educación, actividad o ejercicio que debe realizar el alumno para aprender algo]

Example: This article describes the application of the behaviouristic curriculum planning process in which learning activities are delivered to students through a linear planning process controlled by the detailing of behavioural objectives.

» library activities = tareas bibliotecarias.

Example: Of these, about 25 are involved in traditional library activities (acquisition, cataloguing, management of periodicals, official documents, etc.).

» library activity = actividad bibliotecaria.

Example: IFLA is the International Federation of Library Associations whose purpose is to promote development in all fields of library activity.

» mental activity = actividad mental.

Example: Deep meditation can also make us lose all notion of time because our mental activity is situated on the subconscious level.

» outdoor activity = actividad al aire libre.

Example: The Belgian countryside is relatively unspoilt and as a visitor you will have the opportunity to take part in various outdoor activities.

» out-of-school activity = actividad extraescolar.

Example: Out-of-school activities are for school-age children to play and learn and have fun in groups.

» outreach activity = actividad de extensión bibliotecaria.

Example: The author of 'A tune they can whistle' stresses the importance of a user-oriented approach to outreach activities.

» perform + an activity = realizar una actividad.

Example: Press one of the keys on the list, and HELP will tell you how to use they key to perform catalog production activities.

» physical activity = actividad física.

Example: This is the Internet's largest selection of jockstraps -- athletic supporters that can be worn for just about any sport or physical activity.

» planned activity = actividad programada.

Example: Any additionally planned activities which will take place at the facility must receive prior approval from the Director.

» plot + activity = planear una actividad.

Example: Activities can be plotted to allow the librarian to determine the most expeditious route that can be taken to finish the event.

» political activity = actividad política.

Example: What American libraries mean by advocacy is a far less 'political' activity than its British counterpart.

» PR activities = relaciones públicas.

Example: Libraries must carry our more PR activities and must remember their role as service providers.

» professional activity = actividad profesional.

Example: IFLA's Professional Board deals with coordinating and planning professional activities and consists of the Chariperson from each of the eight Divisions, plus a Chairperson elected from the outgoing Professional Board by the incoming Professional Board members.

» publishing activity = actividad editorial, publicaciones.

Example: The huge upsurge in publishing activity outran the rudimentary abilities of libraries and contemporary bibliographers to contain it.

» recreational activity = actividad lúdica.

Example: Reading should be promoted as a worthwhile recreational activity in addition to its educational and informational role.

» research activity = actividad investigadora, investigación.

Example: Bibliometric analyses confirmed that review articles on topics that are generating high levels of research activity tend to have relatively voluminous bibliographies made up of a disproportionate number of citations to source materials of very recent vintage.

» self-activity = autoactividad.

Example: The 9 relations are: concurrence, equivalence, distinctness, self-activity, dimensional, action, association, appurtenance and functional dependence.

» sidelight activity = actividad secundaria.

Example: We continue to make ILL appear trivial and unimportant, a sidelight activity to whatever else we do.

» slack activity time = período de poca actividad.

Example: Also, through this sequence of activities and events, slack activity times are established that have the potential of reducing time and cost for a given project by reallocation of sources.

» social activity = actividad social.

Example: I can join a sporting club and combine developing skills with social activities.

» sphere of activity = ámbito de actuación, área de actuación, situaciones, contextos.

Example: Military applications of information technology often pave the way for its introduction into other spheres of activity.

» sport(s) activity = actividad deportiva.

Example: When the weather is nice, outdoor sports activities are a great option for kids.

» timetable of activities = programa de actividades.

Example: The head librarian had set up a timetable of activities for her in advance and topics and schedules for the courses she would teach at the library school.

» whirr of activity = ajetreo, revuelo, trajín.

Example: The wedding day morning is usually a whirr of activity -- everybody running here and there.

Activity synonyms

action in spanish: acción, pronunciation: ækʃən part of speech: noun activeness in spanish: actividad, pronunciation: æktɪvnəs part of speech: noun radioactivity in spanish: radioactividad, pronunciation: reɪdioʊæktɪvəti part of speech: noun natural process in spanish: proceso natural, pronunciation: nætʃɜrəlprɑses part of speech: noun bodily function in spanish: Función corporal, pronunciation: bɑdəlifʌŋkʃən part of speech: noun bodily process in spanish: proceso corporal, pronunciation: bɑdəliprɑses part of speech: noun body process in spanish: proceso del cuerpo, pronunciation: bɑdiprɑses part of speech: noun natural action in spanish: acción natural, pronunciation: nætʃɜrəlækʃən part of speech: noun

Activity antonyms

inertia pronunciation: ɪnɜrʃə part of speech: noun inaction pronunciation: ɪnækʃən part of speech: noun inactivity pronunciation: ɪnæktɪvɪti part of speech: noun inactiveness pronunciation: ɪnæktɪvnəs part of speech: noun
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