Acumen in spanish


pronunciation: peɹ̩spikɑθiɑ part of speech: noun
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acumen = acumen, cacumen, perspicacia, intuición, agudeza, ingenio. 

Example: Payment is very important and can be a problem so the businessman needs to be streetwise and shrewd with a good business acumen.


» business acumen = espíritu empresarial, visión comercial, visión para los negocios, sagacidad para los negocios.

Example: They have business acumen -- the ability to focus on the basics and make money for the company.

» mental acumen = agudeza mental.

Example: She must be hunted down and bullwhipped for her obvious lack of mental acumen.

» political acumen = perspicacia política, agudeza política, acumen político.

Example: Political will and political acumen can also make a difference in what legislators and governors accomplish in the contest between the two contending branches.

Acumen synonyms

insightfulness in spanish: perspicacia, pronunciation: ɪnsaɪtfʌlnəs part of speech: noun
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