Addict in spanish


pronunciation: ɑdiktoʊ part of speech: noun
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addict = adicto. 

Example: She points out that Bishop's poetry is an acquired taste but one that easily turns other poets into addicts.


» chocolate addict = adicto al chocolate.

Example: The one justified reason to hate Valentine's Day is that chocolate prices are through the roof -- the bane of all chocolate addicts.

» drug addict = drogadicto.

Example: The Stockholm Public Library provides library services to hospitals, the elderly, the deaf, the visually disabled, alcoholics, drug addicts, and prisoners.

» heroin addict = heroinómano.

Example: One of the bigger reasons heroin addicts continue their addictive behaviors despite negative consequences is the withdrawal symptoms.

» telly-addict = teleadicto, adicto a la tele.

Example: A study of telly-addicts has found that in 45 per cent of homes mums keep a tight hold on the remote control.

» TV-addict = teleadicto, adicto a la tele.

Example: She is a certified TV-addict -- you simply cannot talk to her when she's glued to the box.

Addict synonyms

hook in spanish: gancho, pronunciation: hʊk part of speech: noun
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