Addition in spanish


pronunciation: ɑdiθioʊn part of speech: noun
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addition1 = adición, inclusión, inserción, incorporación, añadidura. 

Example: A scheme should allow expansion, to permit the additions of new subjects or more specific subdivision of existing subjects.


» addition list = lista de últimas adquisiciones.

Example: The results of the study have shown that 24% of users of public libraries are interested in latest additions lists.

» addition project = proyecto de ampliación.

Example: Library governing boards need a solid understanding of building sciences, prior to launching a new construction, renovation, or addition project.

» in addition (to) = además (de), asimismo, por añadidura.

Example: In addition to the full edition, there exist abridged and medium editions of the scheme.

» make + additions = añadir entradas.

Example: Users with appropriate authorization may make additions to the authority files in searching.

» make + additions = añadir datos.

Example: In some instances it may be necessary to make additions to names in order to clarify to whom the name pertains.

addition2 = contribución, aportación. 

Example: The inheritance from the master becomes, not only his additions to the world's record, but for his disciples the entire scaffolding by which they were erected.

addition3 = suma. 

Example: Computers have circuits for performing arithmetic operations, such as: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and exponentiation.


» addition sign (+) = signo más (+). [Marca que indica la unión de dos clases no consecutivas en una clasificación]

Example: An addition sign is a symbol indicating the joining of two non-consecutive classes.

Addition synonyms

increase in spanish: incrementar, pronunciation: ɪnkris part of speech: noun, verb plus in spanish: más, pronunciation: plʌs part of speech: noun gain in spanish: ganancia, pronunciation: geɪn part of speech: verb, noun accession in spanish: adhesión, pronunciation: əkseʃən part of speech: noun summation in spanish: suma, pronunciation: səmeɪʃən part of speech: noun improver in spanish: mejorador, pronunciation: ɪmpruvɜr part of speech: noun

Addition antonyms

deduction pronunciation: dɪdʌkʃən part of speech: noun subtraction pronunciation: səbtrækʃən part of speech: noun
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