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pronunciation: ɑnjɑde part of speech: verb
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add = añadir, adjuntar, incluir, allegar. 

Example: An annotation is a note added to the title and/or other bibliographic information concerning a document, by way of comment or explanation.


» add + confirmation to = confirmar.

Example: In these statements, Carnegie added strong confirmation to the librarian's long-held elitist views.

» add + fuel to the fire = echar leña al fuego.

Example: If we react to anger by saying or doing angry things it's just like adding fuel to the fire.

» add + fuel to the flames = echar leña al fuego.

Example: When she started to well up, Usher added fuel to the flames by saying, 'You have to be able to take the good and bad in this business'.

» add + insult to injury = echar sal en la herida, hurgar en la herida, complicar las cosas, empeorar las cosas, llover sobre mojado.

Example: It seems McDonalds are seeking to add insult to injury by negotiating directly with non-union staff.

» add + momentum to = contribuir positivamente.

Example: The Library of Congress push adds momentum to a variety of competing projects by leading Internet companies to make available online a range of historic literature, audio recordings and film archives.

» add + monies to + budget = aumentar el presupuesto.

Example: This also allows funding agencies to place programs into perspective and to evaluate the effects of cutting monies from or adding monies to the budget.

» add + new dimension = añadir una nueva dimensión.

Example: The computer has added new dimensions and possibilities in information storage and retrieval, but that the traditional information.

» add + Nombre + to taste = añadir + Nombre + según el gusto.

Example: The monks then add milk and salt to taste and piping hot Tibetan tea is ready to serve.

» add on = añadir.

Example: These new course programmes will add on desirable new skills to those they already possess to fit students for employment in the information market place.

» add + Posesivo + weight to = apoyar, respaldar, reforzar.

Example: But the unions were able to add their weight to the authority of the parliamentary investigators in bringing the worst excesses of unregulated apprenticeship and of working conditions under control = No obstante, los sindicatos pudieron reforzar la autoridad de los investigadores parlamentarios para controlar los peores excesos que se cometían en el aprendizaje de un oficio y las condiciones laborales sin regularizar.

» add + richness to = hacer más rico, dar riqueza a.

Example: Short case studies were conducted with eight of the awardees to confirm the findings and add richness to the study.

» add + salt to injury = echar sal en la herida, hurgar en la herida, complicar las cosas, empeorar las cosas.

Example: Retailers are just adding salt to injury by rack up the price even more.

» add + salt to the wound = echar sal en la herida, hurgar en la herida, complicar las cosas, empeorar las cosas.

Example: To add salt to the wound, weaknesses and vulnerabilities in computers have grown over 4 times in the past two years.

» add + spice = dar sabor, hacer más interesante, dar interés.

Example: The strategies to be described can be viewed as horizontal ladders -- new and challenging experiences that can occur laterally within the organization and that add spice to a familiar routine.

» add to = contribuir a.

Example: At the same time outdated terminology adds to the lack of coherence.

» add to = aumentar, ampliar.

Example: In addition, Britain has one of the most extensive bodies of legislation in the world, which is added to daily and encrusted with myriad rules and regulations.

» add to instruction = instrucción de "añádase a".

Example: The other synthetic device in DC is the 'add to' instructions which permits subdivisions which are enumerated under one subject in the schedules to be used in other specified part of the schedules, as instructed.

» add to + the confusion = aumentar la confusión.

Example: In such situations an attentive silence following a 'no' may be more productive than adding to the confusion by throwing out more false leads.

» add to + the expense of = contribuir a encarecer.

Example: The emphasis on arrangement and effective access to the information are two of the factors that add to the expense of these works along with the inflationary spiral also evident in the cost of living.

» add to + the mix = añadir.

Example: Internal satisfaction is the goal, but external rewards can successfully contribute to this satisfaction when added to the mix.

» add to this = además de eso.

Example: Add to this his stock of unique woodcut ornaments and initials, and his finger-print is plain, a typographical equipment that belonged to him alone.

» add up + figures = cuadrar números.

Example: Publishers are finding that the answer to making the figures add up lies largely with their production teams.

» add up to = dar como resultado, significar, conllevar.

Example: The impalpable nature of human relations can add up to a situation that bears little resemblance to the logical and ordered material discussed in class.

» add up to + Cantidad = totalizar + Cantidad.

Example: The figures do not add up to 100 per cent since this is not a frequency distribution but is a set of proportions.

» add up to + nothing = no ser nada, no ser gran cosa, no suponer nada, no significar nada.

Example: This time it was a collection of random facts that added up to nothing.

» add + value = añadir valor, dar valor, poner en valor.

Example: There are ways to add value to your home that might not have crossed your mind before.

» add + weight to = respaldar, apoyar.

Example: Measurement of library activities can provide the evidence to erase misconceptions and add weight to those aspects of service that present a more powerful image = La medición de las actividades bibliotecarias puede proporcionar las pruebas necesarias para erradicar falsas ideas y apoyar aquellos aspectos del servicio que presentan una mejor imagen de la biblioteca.

» not add up to much = no ser gran cosa, no suponer gran cosa, no significar gran cosa.

Example: They are the most numerous thing in the galaxy, but each of them has such a small mass that they don't add up to much.

» superadd = sobreponer, superponer.

Example: Locke claimed that God superadded various powers to matter, including motion, the perfections of peach trees and elephants, and gravity.

» to add insult to injury = para echar sal en la herida, para empeorar las cosas, por si fuera poco, para colmo, para colmo de males.

Example: To add insult to injury, she came back from the cash-point without enough readies and had to make a return journey.

» to add salt to injury = para echar sal en la herida, para empeorar las cosas, por si fuera poco, para colmo, para colmo de males.

Example: To add salt to injury there is a pregnancy as a result of this abominable act.

» to add to the confusion = para confundir aun más las cosas, para complicar aun más las cosas .

Example: To add to the confusion, other researchers have detected pleasure-sensing regions in a completely different part of the brain and that dopamine is not responsible for the pleasure response.
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