Addressing in spanish


pronunciation: diɹ̩ekθioʊnɑmientoʊ part of speech: verb
In gestures

address6 = dirigirse. 

Example: More can be assumed in instructions addressed to the experienced information searcher than in instructions for the novice.


» readdress [re-address] = reconsiderar, reevaluar, replantearse. 

Example: This article discusses fundamental archival principles and practices that need to be readdressed before a revised Report is presented.

address7 = tratar, abordar, cubrir, atender, satisfacer, hacer frente a, enfrentarse a. 

Example: The inclusion of vendors and publishers allows everyone to address sticky business relationships head-on.


» address + a barrier = enfrentarse a un obstáculo.

Example: According to Newman (1992), there are four approaches to addressing the barriers to Internet use: retrieval, indexing, search, and organization.

» address + a concern = tratar una cuestión, tratar un problema.

Example: A recarpeting project in the State University Library, Illinois, provided an opportunity to address several longstanding concerns: better handicapped access, improved lighting, and a more efficient utilisation of limited physical space.

» address + a constraint = tratar una cuestión.

Example: From partially-automated directory assistance to talking Yellow Pages and interactive services, telephone directory applications have addressed the constraints of non-visual menus, limited input capability, and natural versus synthetic output.

» address + a danger = afrontar un peligro, afrontar un riesgo, abordar un peligro, abordar un riesgo, abordar un problema, tratar un peligro, tratar un riesgo, tratar un problema.

Example: We need more novels like this one that address the danger of blindly accepting societal values about who we are.

» address + a limitation = tratar un problema, resolver un problema.

Example: A number of approaches have been developed in the field of medicine that seek to address these limitations.

» address + a need = atender a una necesidad, responder a una necesidad.

Example: This paper describes the activities of the Associazione Italiana Biblioteche study group formed by librarians working in government ministries in order to address the need for training and professional development felt in this sector.

» address + an envelope = poner la dirección en un sobre.

Example: Illiteracy amounts to being unable to read the instructions on a medicine bottle, or to address an envelope, or to read a safety notice.

» address + an issue = tratar una cuestión.

Example: We need, I believe, to dedicate ourselves, schools and professional institutions alike, to become more concerned with a research ethic that will permit us to address the critical issues of our profession.

» address + an use = cubrir un uso.

Example: Libraries will have to select shrewdly a complement of formats that address the varying uses library patrons have for information.

» address + a problem = abordar un problema, tratar un problema.

Example: They maintain, in an article written for Library Resources and Technical Services (LRTS) 'that automated cataloging systems have addressed only half of the problems of maintaining a library catalog'.

» address + a question = tratar una cuestión.

Example: We cannot address these questions in this discussion, as they would lead us far from our topic.

» address + a requirement = resolver una necesidad.

Example: Conceived initially to demonstrate a potential tool to assist lawyers in adjudicatory proceedings, the system appears to have potential for addressing a broad spectrum of record management requirements.

» address + a situation = contemplar una situación.

Example: These three set of objectives for each goal address the following situations...

» address + a theme = tratar un tema.

Example: Themes addressed at the conference include: education; communication and networking; political and financial management; and services.

» address + a threat = hacer frente a una amenaza, afrontar un reto.

Example: This paper has described several endeavours which illustrate how we can address the threats from technological discontinuities.

» address + a topic = tratar un tema.

Example: In addition, political topics were addressed more neutrally than in the past.

» address + Nombre + head-on = hacer frente, tratar Algo sin rodeos, enfrentarse a Algo cara a cara.

Example: The inclusion of vendors and publishers allows everyone to address sticky business relationships head-on.

» address + the root causes of = abordar las verdaderas causas de, atajar las verdaderas causas de, hacer frente a las verdaderas causas de, tratar las verdaderas causas de.

Example: Governments have been indecisive and playing for time -- kicking the can down the road, rather than addressing the root causes of the crisis.

addressing = localización de datos. 

Example: Microcomputers are best at single tasks, having limited addressing capability, and are difficult to program except in relatively high level (and inefficient) programming languages.


» addressing machine = máquina de imprimir direcciones. [Máquina que permite imprimir un gran número de direcciones en cartas]

Example: Addressing machines/addressographs are used in libraries which offer a regular postal service to their clientele.
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