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pronunciation: ɑdiθioʊnɑl part of speech: adjective
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additional = adicional, complementario, extra. 

Example: The note area is the part of the description where it is permitted to include any additional information which the cataloguer feels may be of value to the user.


» additional copy = ejemplar adicional, otro ejemplar. [Segunda o tercera copia de un documento que la biblioteca adquiere]

Example: 50 titles of popular books were purchased from a prebinder and 2 additional copies of each title were purchased in paperback.

» additional entry = entrada secundaria.

Example: Other approaches to the movement of the components of index headings in order to generate additional entries are also possible.

» additional information = información adicional.

Example: Some additional information that might serve a user are descriptive notes, sources for obtaining the document, and price.

» as an additional note = como nota adicional.

Example: As an additional note, we are all glad to hear that he was able to come back from Cuba last night, after his tete a tete with Fidel Castro.

» at additional cost = pagando un poco más.

Example: Extension cables longer than 3 meters can be ordered at additional cost.

» produce + additional copies = hacer más copias de Algo.

Example: A line printer can only produce about four readable copies using carbon interleaved paper, so additional copies must either be produced by photocopying or by rerunning the computer, both of which are relatively costly.

Additional synonyms

more in spanish: Más, pronunciation: mɔr part of speech: adverb further in spanish: promover, pronunciation: fɜrðɜr part of speech: adjective, adverb other in spanish: otro, pronunciation: ʌðɜr part of speech: adjective another in spanish: otro, pronunciation: ənʌðɜr extra in spanish: extra, pronunciation: ekstrə part of speech: adjective else in spanish: más, pronunciation: els part of speech: adverb supplementary in spanish: suplementario, pronunciation: səpləmentɜri part of speech: adjective supplemental in spanish: hecho suplementario, pronunciation: səpləmentəl part of speech: adjective added in spanish: adicional, pronunciation: ædəd part of speech: adjective
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