Adhesive in spanish


pronunciation: ɑdesiboʊ part of speech: adjective, noun
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adhesive1 = adhesivo, pegamento, cola, adherente. 

Example: A covering material of fast, even colour, was eventually produced that was impervious to the adhesive with which it was stuck to the boards.


» contact adhesive = pegamento de contacto.

Example: To use a contact adhesive you simply apply even coats of the adhesive to each material you wish to adhere, allow it to dry, and stick them together.

» hot-melt adhesive = adhesivo caliente, adhesivo de fusión en caliente.

Example: Other concerns when applying hot-melt adhesives are high viscosity and high operating temperature.

» rubber cement adhesive = pegamento.

Example: All of the printed inserts were stained with a rubber cement adhesive and more than half were no longer attached to the pages of the book.

adhesive2 = adhesivo, adherente, aglutinador. [Adjetivo]

Example: For gold tooling, impressions of the tools were first made in blind and then an adhesive glair of egg white was next brushed into the blind impression, allowed to dry, and greased.


» adhesive backing = dorso adhesivo.

Example: The numbers and letters on nylon sails are generally made from Mylar or polyester cloth with an adhesive backing.

» adhesive binding = encuadernación en cola, encuadernación a la americana, encuadernación arráfica. [En encuadernación, método por el cual una vez cortado el lomo de los pliegos para conseguir una superficie uniforme éstos se pegan entre sí y a la cubierta utilizando una cola sintética]

Example: Adhesive binding is a binding technique in which single leaves are held together using an adhesive rather than a sewn attachment.

» adhesive security strip = tira adhesiva antirrobo.

Example: This article examines the use of adhesive security strips, data transfer media like video and audio cassettes and diskettes, microfilm equipment and book security systems.

» adhesive strip = tira adhesiva. [Tira de tela de algodón, papel u otro material que tiene una de sus caras impregnada de una sustancia adhesiva y que se utiliza normalmente para reforzar la encuadernación]

Example: His paper discusses how the problem of using imported, white, adhesive strips was satisfactorily resolved.

» adhesive tape = cinta adhesiva.

Example: The most popular type of adhesive tape that people will have in their homes today is duct tape.

Adhesive synonyms

tenacious in spanish: tenaz, pronunciation: təneɪʃəs part of speech: adjective coherent in spanish: coherente, pronunciation: koʊhɪrənt part of speech: adjective cohesive in spanish: cohesivo, pronunciation: koʊhisɪv part of speech: adjective tarry in spanish: alquitranado, pronunciation: teri part of speech: verb adherent in spanish: adherente, pronunciation: ədhɪrənt part of speech: adjective, noun sticky in spanish: pegajoso, pronunciation: stɪki part of speech: adjective viscous in spanish: viscoso, pronunciation: vɪskəs part of speech: adjective pasty in spanish: pastoso, pronunciation: pæsti part of speech: noun, adjective gooey in spanish: pegajoso, pronunciation: gui part of speech: adjective icky in spanish: icky, pronunciation: ɪki part of speech: adjective viscid in spanish: viscoso, pronunciation: vɪskɪd part of speech: adjective gummy in spanish: pegajoso, pronunciation: gʌmi part of speech: adjective glutinous in spanish: glutinoso, pronunciation: glutənəs part of speech: adjective agglutinate in spanish: aglutinar, pronunciation: əglutɪneɪt part of speech: verb pitchy in spanish: oscuro, pronunciation: pɪtʃi part of speech: adjective resinous in spanish: resinoso, pronunciation: rezənəs part of speech: adjective bondable in spanish: bondable, pronunciation: bɑndəbəl part of speech: adjective mucilaginous in spanish: mucilaginoso, pronunciation: mjusəleɪdʒənəs part of speech: adjective gluey in spanish: pegajoso, pronunciation: glui part of speech: adjective agglutinative in spanish: aglutinante, pronunciation: əglutəneɪtɪv part of speech: adjective gummed in spanish: engomado, pronunciation: gʌmd part of speech: adjective resiny in spanish: resina, pronunciation: rezɪni part of speech: adjective stick-on in spanish: pegar, pronunciation: stɪkɑn part of speech: adjective self-sealing in spanish: autosellante, pronunciation: selfsilɪŋ part of speech: adjective adhesive material in spanish: material adhesivo, pronunciation: ædhisɪvmətɪriəl part of speech: noun

Adhesive antonyms

nonadhesive pronunciation: nɑnɑdhɪsɪv part of speech: adjective
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