Babble in spanish


pronunciation: bɑlbuθeɑɹ̩ part of speech: noun, verb
In gestures

babble = farfullar, balbucear, hablar incoherentemente. 

Example: He immerses us in 'language that is unique for its copiousness,' now speaking 'of exquisite intimations that can occur only in a half-light,' then babbling 'of chamber-pots, leg-irons, factories and policemen'.


» techno-babble = lenguaje tecnológico incomprensible.

Example: In summary, when we get beyond all the pomposity and techno-babble that dominates discourse on our topic, we can see real problems and real issues.

Babble synonyms

talk in spanish: hablar, pronunciation: tɔk part of speech: verb, noun bubble in spanish: burbuja, pronunciation: bʌbəl part of speech: noun sing in spanish: canta, pronunciation: sɪŋ part of speech: verb ripple in spanish: onda, pronunciation: rɪpəl part of speech: noun peach in spanish: melocotón, pronunciation: pitʃ part of speech: noun blather in spanish: decir tonterías, pronunciation: blæðɜr part of speech: noun tattle in spanish: chismes, pronunciation: tætəl part of speech: noun, verb gurgle in spanish: gorgoteo, pronunciation: gɜrgəl part of speech: noun, verb blab in spanish: cotilla, pronunciation: blæb part of speech: verb burble in spanish: burbujeo, pronunciation: bɜrbəl part of speech: verb blither in spanish: blither, pronunciation: blɪðɜr part of speech: verb smatter in spanish: saber por encima, pronunciation: smætɜr part of speech: verb blether in spanish: tontería de omisión, pronunciation: bleðɜr part of speech: noun, verb babbling in spanish: balbuceo, pronunciation: bæbəlɪŋ part of speech: noun guggle in spanish: gluglutear, pronunciation: gʌgəl part of speech: verb babble out in spanish: balbucear, pronunciation: bæbəlaʊt part of speech: verb blab out in spanish: charla, pronunciation: blæbaʊt part of speech: verb
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