Back side in spanish


pronunciation: rebeɹ̩soʊ part of speech: none
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backside1 = parte posterior, parte de atrás. 

Example: The backside of a historical document can reveal interesting details about the document's history as an artifact.

backside2 = culo, trasero, asentaderas, posaderas. 

Example: Corporal punishment, the act of disciplining students by inflicting physical pain (usually paddling the child's backside), has recently come under fire due to the public's growing concern over child abuse = El castigo corporal, acto de disciplinar a los estudiantes infligiendo dolor físico (por lo general azotando el trasero del niño), ha sido criticado debido a la creciente preocupación del público sobre el maltrato infantil.


» as bald as a baby's backside = tan calvo como una bola de billar, calvo como una bola de billar, más calvo que una bola de billar.

Example: We don't have a hair dryer due to me being as bald as a baby's backside and the wife preferring to towel or air-dry her hair.

» be a (real) pain in the backside = ser un pesado, ser un peñazo, ser un incordio, ser un plomazo, ser un coñazo, ser un insoportable, ser un plomo, ser un petardo, ser un plasta, dar la tabarra.

Example: Our cat is a pain in the backside at times but we love him to bits.

» sit on + Posesivo + backside = rascarse la barriga, rascarse los huevos, tocarse los cojones.

Example: If the bureaucrats think that sitting on their backside and holding meeting upon meeting will solve this crisis, then God help this nation.
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