Backlog in spanish


pronunciation: reseɹ̩bɑ part of speech: noun
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backlog = nido, atraso. [Material en espera de ser procesado por la biblioteca]

Example: When the move took place in 1897, it was found that there was a backlog of some thirty years of uncatalogued and unbound material.


» build up + backlogs = acumular atrasos.

Example: This article describles the steps taken to deal with the backlogs which had built up when it became clear that ratification would not be achieved.

» clear + a backlog = ponerse al día de un atraso.

Example: This system has made it possible to clear a backlog of 35,000 volumes.

Backlog synonyms

reserve in spanish: reserva, pronunciation: rɪzɜrv part of speech: noun log in spanish: Iniciar sesión, pronunciation: lɔg part of speech: noun stockpile in spanish: reservas, pronunciation: stɑkpaɪl part of speech: noun
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