Cadge in spanish


pronunciation: goʊroʊneɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

cadge = pedir, mendigar, limosnear, pordiosear, gorronear. 

Example: For the most part it is a story of bug-ridden rooms in working-men's hotels, of fights, drinking bouts, cheap brothels, Russian refugees, cadging.

Cadge synonyms

bum in spanish: culo, pronunciation: bʌm part of speech: noun, verb sponge in spanish: esponja, pronunciation: spʌndʒ part of speech: noun grub in spanish: comida, pronunciation: grʌb part of speech: noun mooch in spanish: vagar a, pronunciation: mutʃ part of speech: verb scrounge in spanish: gorronear, pronunciation: skraʊndʒ part of speech: verb
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