Dagger in spanish


pronunciation: dɑgɑ part of speech: noun
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dagger1 = daga, puñal. 

Example: Many of the earlier swords and daggers had a narrow tang to which a hilt was rivetted.


» be at daggers drawn (with) = estar como el perro y el gato, andar como el perro y el gato, llevarse a matar, estar a matar, odiar a muerte, no poder ver a, estar de uñas, estar a la gresca, andar a la gresca.

Example: Throughout Mr Blair's time in office Mr Mandelson and Mr Brown were at daggers drawn.

» cloak-and-dagger = de capa y espada, propio de espías.

Example: There is also a large amount of information that is kept secret: not merely cloak-and-dagger state secrets, but vast quantities of confidential technical and commercial data.

» dagger-like = como dagas, como puñales.

Example: These small herons crouch patiently to surprise fish with a snatch of their dagger-like bill.

» look + daggers at = mirar con odio, matar con la mirada, casi matar con la mirada, echar una mirada mortal, fulminar con la mirada.

Example: We stood in our driveway looking daggers at each other -- the tension was like the air before lightning, even the cat ran for her life.

dagger2 = cruz. [En imprenta, signo tipográfico parecido a una daga o puñal en posición vertical de modo que forma una cruz latina usado para indicar algún tipo de referencia con una función similar a la del asterisco]

Example: This type of relationship is indicated under the preferred terms by a dagger, thus Sea water UF– Artificial sea water.

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obelisk in spanish: obelisco, pronunciation: oʊbəlɪsk part of speech: noun
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