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pronunciation: letʃeɹ̩iɑ part of speech: noun
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dairy = central lechera, lechería. [Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]

Example: Telephone calls were made to the following: dairy (to secure milk carton storage for books); grocery stores (for freezer space for books); fire department (for fans to dehumidify books); and aerospace companies (for vacuum freezing facilities).


» dairy cattle = vacas lecheras.

Example: Rich countries consume 70 percent of the world's food grains, most of which is used to feed beef and dairy cattle.

» dairy cow = vaca lechera.

Example: Results suggest that accelerated prepubertal growth may reduce mammary development in grazing dairy cows.

» dairy farm = vaquería.

Example: The article is entitled 'An expert system for bull-cow mating in dairy farms'.

» dairy farmer = vaquero.

Example: Bibliometric based document analyses were used to assess New York State dairy farmers' adoption rate of selected veterinary recommendations.

» dairy foods = productos lácteos.

Example: Kids with lactose intolerance have trouble digesting a type of sugar found in milk and other dairy foods.

» dairy-free = sin lácteos, sin lactosa, libre de lactosa, libre de lácteos. 

Example: It's great for those wanting a dairy-free alternative, but almond milk may not have all the nutrients you need.

» dairy industry, the = industria láctea, la; industria de los productos lácteos, la.

Example: The dairy industry is a very classic case of how we've managed liberalisation to our own detriment since imported milk is no longer cheap.

» dairy intake = ingestión de productos lácteos.

Example: mong children, there was no consistent association between dairy intake and anthropometric indices of body fat.

» dairymaid = lechera, ordeñadora.

Example: Benjamin reasoned that if dairymaids who caught cowpox accidentally were immune to smallpox, then someone who caught cowpox deliberately should be equally immune.

» dairyman = lechero, ordeñador, vaquero.

Example: A jury has awarded $22 million to 11 dairymen who were defrauded out of profits by the cooperative that sold their milk.

» dairy milk = leche de vaca.

Example: I don't like the taste or smell of dairy milk.

» dairy produce = productos lácteos.

Example: This document discusses the factors to be considered in the purchase of meat and offal (liver, kidneys, heart, etc.), fish, fruit, vegetables, dairy produce, and frozen foods.

» dairy product = producto lácteo.

Example: The OECD publishes annual supply balance sheets for meat, dairy products and eggs, and food consumption statistics, for each of its twenty-four member states.

» dairy region = región lechera.

Example: The routine spiking of milk with illicit substances was an open secret in China's dairy regions.

» dairy sector, the = sector lechero, el; sector lácteo, el.

Example: However, for many products, unfortunately including the dairy sector, there is a lack of specific guides that treat the regime in depth.

» non-dairy = no lácteo, sustituto de la leche.

Example: Consumption of calcium from non-dairy sources could increase the risk of developing prostate cancer, according to the results of a study.

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dairy farm in spanish: granja lechera, pronunciation: derifɑrm part of speech: noun
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