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pronunciation: diɑɹ̩ioʊ part of speech: adjective, adverb, noun
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daily1 = diario, cotidiano. [Adjetivo]

Example: Successful libraries will embrace the future by incorporating new technology into daily routines.


» daily activity = actividad cotidiana, actividad diaria, actividad de cada día.

Example: If you have arthritis, you probably know by now even simple daily activities can become a lot harder.

» daily chore = tarea rutinaria.

Example: This resort guarantees to be the romantic and luxurious escape from the hectic work agendas and daily chores especially for honeymooners .

» daily grind = rutina diaria, trajín diario, faena diaria, batalla diaria, lucha diaria, monotonía cotidiana.

Example: With all of the things that make up our daily grind, we often find ourselves craving for the next getaway, for the next relaxation period.

» daily intake = consumo diario, dosis diaria.

Example: This involves manipulating your daily intake of carbohydrates in order to maximize fat loss.

» daily life = vida cotidiana, vida diaria, vida normal.

Example: Transitory circumstances of daily life are what cause these shifts.

» daily living = vida cotidiana.

Example: Its major objectives were to demonstrate to neighborhood residents and the community at large that the urban public library can be a vital force in daily living.

» daily news alerts = noticias diarias de interés, novedades.

Example: Some newspapers provide subscribers to the paper version with daily news alerts via email.

» daily practice = práctica cotidiana, práctica diaria.

Example: Naturally, relevant examples from daily practice should be used.

» daily problem = problema cotidiano, problema diario.

Example: Community information is about helping those who are in anyway disadvantaged find the means to solve their daily problems and to find a better life.

» daily situation = situación cotidiana, situación diaria, día a día, el.

Example: Nowadays, however, such occurrences are not common, yet we react to many daily situations as if they were life or death issues.

» daily use = uso diario.

Example: Daily use of aspirin is not right for everyone.

» daily work = trabajo diario, trabajo cotidiano.

Example: The newsletter will be of great value to information professionals in their daily work.

» earn + Posesivo + daily bread with the sweat of + Posesivo + brow = ganarse el pan con el sudor de la frente.

Example: An information society is one in which the expression 'to earn one's daily bread by the sweat of one's brow' appears decidedly anachronistic.

» for daily use = para uso diario.

Example: This porcelain serving dish is dishwasher safe and scratch resistant for daily use.

» manage + Posesivo + daily life = llevar la vida diaria, llevar la vida cotidiana.

Example: The discussion takes a special look at how music was used in battle calls, military maneuvers and managing daily life in the military.

» on a daily basis = diariamiente, a diario, todos los días.

Example: The Middle East cataloguer must be aware of and deal with these and other problems on a daily basis.

» on a nearly daily basis = casi a diario, casi diariamente, casi todos los días.

Example: She has been making public appearances on a nearly daily basis over the past week promoting various projects, and she stepped out yet again today to visit a children's hospice.

» recommended daily intake = cantidad diaria recomendada, dosis diaria recomendada, consumo diario recomendado.

Example: The recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables for children depends on their age, appetite and physical activity levels.

» take + Posesivo + daily mean pill = tomarse la pastilla diaria de la mala leche.

Example: We all have a grouch in our lives and if we wake up on the wrong side of the bed or take our daily mean pill, at the very nicest, we have been described as a 'grouch'.

daily2 = diariamente, todos los días. [Adverbio]

Example: The functions on the first screen are in use daily, whereas those on the second are in use only occasionally.


» daily allowance = asignación diaria, estipendio diario, dieta.

Example: About MPs have decided not to take their daily allowance for the days Parliament did not meet.

» daily routine = rutina diaria.

Example: One way of thinking about diversity is to look at the different daily routines of pupils in your class.

» recommended daily allowance (RDA) = cantidad diaria recomendada (CDR).

Example: Note that if you are classed as inactive, you need to subtract calories from your recommended daily allowance (RDA) to maintain weight.

daily3 = diario, periódico. 

Example: The author analyses 4 dailies, 3 weeklies and 5 monthlies.


» daily newspaper = diario.

Example: This article studies how news library staff and editorial staff in a large metropolitan daily newspaper perceive the contribution of the news library to newsmaking.

» daily paper = diario.

Example: A journalism student has won a scholarship that will give him newsroom experience on a daily paper.

» daily press, the = prensa diaria, la.

Example: She wrote for the daily press on the manners and morals of society, on the plight of London's working women and children, and on the international traffic in women.

Daily synonyms

everyday in spanish: todos los días, pronunciation: evrideɪ part of speech: adjective regular in spanish: regular, pronunciation: regjəlɜr part of speech: adjective day-to-day in spanish: día a día, pronunciation: deɪtudeɪ part of speech: adjective every day in spanish: todos los días, pronunciation: evɜrideɪ part of speech: adjective, adverb day by day in spanish: día a día, pronunciation: deɪbaɪdeɪ part of speech: adverb day-after-day in spanish: día tras día, pronunciation: deɪæftɜrdeɪ part of speech: adjective each day in spanish: cada día, pronunciation: itʃdeɪ part of speech: adverb
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