Daisy in spanish


pronunciation: mɑɹ̩gɑɹ̩itɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

daisy = margarita. 

Example: A daisywheel printer has a wheel to do the actual printing which looks like a daisy and which has a character at the end of each 'petal'.


» daisy chaining = ?.

Example: The introduction of jukeboxes, daisy chaining, multiple access, multi-media systems and other advances will make CD-ROMs and CD-ROM data bases even more attractive to users.

» daisy wheel = impresora de margarita.

Example: Daisy wheels tend to print more slowly than matrix printers, though they are still capable of respectable speeds, and they tend to be more expensive.

» daisy-wheel typewriter = máquina de escribir de margarita.

Example: Using golf-ball or daisy-wheel typewriters a good range of typefaces can be used on the same page; different type sizes can also be used.

» push up + (the) daisies = criar malvas.

Example: Anyway, some day in the not too distant future the old windbag will be pushing up the daisies.
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