Dancing in spanish


pronunciation: bɑilɑndoʊ part of speech: noun
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dance2 = bailar, danzar. 

Example: I am too old any longer to play games or dance; my social life is restricted; and I cannot, as I used, take much interest in the future of the world, for I shan't live long enough to see what is going to happen in it.


» belly-dance = bailar la danza del vientre.

Example: The article 'Wear lipstick, have a tattoo, belly-dance, then get naked: the making of a virtual librarian' provides some pointers to interesting Internet sites and useful gateways dealing with images of librarians.

» dance + Posesivo + heart out = hartarse de bailar, bailar hasta caer muerto, bailar hasta rendirse.

Example: After dancing his heart out for an hour or two, and drinking more beers than he should, he flaked out earlier than most.

» dance + Posesivo + socks off = hartarse de bailar, disfrutar bailando, bailar hasta caer muerto, bailar hasta rendirse.

Example: Then, Nathan spontaneously offered to take her out for her birthday and dance her socks off.

» dance with + death = tentar (a) la suerte, desafiar a la suerte, meterse en la boca del lobo.

Example: When there are so many threats to life such as war, famine and disease, why are we seeking to dance with death?.

» dance with + snakes = tentar (a) la suerte, desafiar a la suerte, meterse en la boca del lobo.

Example: If there was ever an idiot who stuck her head in the lion's mouth, went swimming with sharks, or dancing with snakes, it would be her.

» dance with + the devil = tentar (a) la suerte, desafiar a la suerte, meterse en la boca del lobo.

Example: The article 'Dancing with the devil' discusses the difficult relationship which writers have traditionally had with Hollywood film studios.

» if you dance, you must pay the piper = cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos; el que la hace, la paga; donde las dan, las toman; cosechas lo que siembras; el mundo da muchas vueltas; siembra vientos y recogerás tempestades, aquellos polvos traen estos lodos.

Example: And as the old saying goes: 'If you dance, you must pay the piper' .

dancing = baile. 

Example: He started off as one of the weaker performers, but as his confidence grows each week, his dancing has become more assertive, too.


» ballroom dancing = bailes de salón.

Example: If your teenager is shy, has few friends or has difficulties socializing with her peers, an activity such as ballroom dancing might help her develop social skills.

Dancing synonyms

dance in spanish: danza, pronunciation: dæns part of speech: noun, verb active in spanish: activo, pronunciation: æktɪv part of speech: adjective terpsichore in spanish: Terpsichore, pronunciation: tɜrpsɪkɜri part of speech: noun
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