Eager in spanish


pronunciation: ɑnsioʊsoʊ part of speech: adjective
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eager = ansioso, deseoso. 

Example: Nationwide networking crept up on libraries, eager to share the resources they could not afford singly or even in small groups.


» await with + eager anticipation = esperar como agua de mayo.

Example: Without question his combination of proper fertilizer and attentive care resulted in a harvest we all awaited with eager anticipation.

» await with + eager expectation = esperar como agua de mayo.

Example: We await with eager expectation the arrival of the book in printed form with high hopes that it will find its place in the world.

» be eager to = desear vivamente, estar ansioso por.

Example: They are also both eager to tap any funds for which they may be eligible.

» eager beaver = persona entusiasta y trabajadora.

Example: Although we're lucky to have them, eager beavers can screw up if you give them the opportunity.

» in eager assent = asintiendo con entusiasmo.

Example: 'It worked out beautifully for me,' said Stanhope, in eager assent.

» over-eager [overeager] = demasiado entusiasmado, excesivamente entusiasmado, demasiado ansioso, excesivamente ansioso, superentusiasmado. 

Example: 'Moonstruck' has all the fun of movies about weddings: a reluctant groom, an overeager bride, and an emotionally distraught family = "Pirados" tiene toda la diversión de las películas sobre bodas: un novio reticente, una novia demasiado entusiasmada y una familia perturbada emocionalmente .

Eager synonyms

great in spanish: genial, pronunciation: greɪt part of speech: adjective bore in spanish: aburrir, pronunciation: bɔr part of speech: verb hot in spanish: caliente, pronunciation: hɑt part of speech: adjective avid in spanish: ávido, pronunciation: ævəd part of speech: adjective enthusiastic in spanish: entusiasta, pronunciation: ɪnθuziæstɪk part of speech: adjective zealous in spanish: celoso, pronunciation: zeləs part of speech: adjective eagre in spanish: Águila, pronunciation: igɜr part of speech: noun aegir in spanish: aegir, pronunciation: egɜr part of speech: noun overeager in spanish: exceso de comida, pronunciation: oʊvɜrigɜr part of speech: adjective tidal bore in spanish: marea, pronunciation: taɪdəlbɔr part of speech: noun

Eager antonyms

fusillade pronunciation: fjusɪleɪd part of speech: noun uneager pronunciation: ʌnɪgɜr part of speech: adjective
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