Eared in spanish


pronunciation: oʊɹ̩exɑs part of speech: adjective
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» dog-eared = con las esquinas dobladas. [Referido a las páginas de un libro generalmente para indicar por dónde nos quedamos leyendo]

Example: Copies can generally be recognized by such signs as set-off from fresh-made proofs, inky thumb-marks, and a general air of dog-eared grubbiness.

» dog-eared = manoseado, manido, sobado, usado, raído.

Example: My plants that until only recently were bursting with verdant vitality stretching up to the spring sunshine are now looking a bit dog eared and world weary as they begin to bake in the summer sun.

» jug-eared = orejudo, orejón.

Example: This particular character was a young, freckled, gap-toothed and jug-eared white boy.

» lop-eared = de orejas caídas, de orejas gachas.

Example: Lop-eared rabbits also have good hearing but do not do as well in the wild as rabbits with erect ears.

Eared synonyms

worn in spanish: pasado, pronunciation: wɔrn part of speech: adjective dog-eared in spanish: orejas de perro, pronunciation: dɔgerd part of speech: adjective auriculate in spanish: auriculado, pronunciation: ɔrɪkjəleɪt part of speech: adjective auriculated in spanish: auriculado, pronunciation: ɔrɪkjəleɪtɪd part of speech: adjective lop-eared in spanish: orejas caídas, pronunciation: lɑpɪrd part of speech: adjective

Eared antonyms

gamble pronunciation: gæmbəl part of speech: noun, verb earless pronunciation: ɪrləs part of speech: adjective
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