Earnest in spanish


pronunciation: seɹ̩ioʊ part of speech: adjective, noun
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earnest = serio, concienzudo, formal. 

Example: She spied Asadorian in earnest converse with McSpadden.


» earnest money = aval, garantía, fianza, depósito, señal.

Example: Along with the sales contract, you may also be asked to make a deposit, called earnest money, as a sign of your good faith or seriousness of your offer to buy the house.

» in earnest = en serio.

Example: The historical confusion over mission has usually revolved around these terms -- sometimes playfully, but often in earnest.

Earnest synonyms

serious in spanish: grave, pronunciation: sɪriəs part of speech: adjective solemn in spanish: solemne, pronunciation: sɑləm part of speech: adjective sincere in spanish: sincero, pronunciation: sɪnsɪr part of speech: adjective dear in spanish: querido, pronunciation: dɪr part of speech: noun, adjective heartfelt in spanish: sentido, pronunciation: hɑrtfelt part of speech: adjective devout in spanish: devoto, pronunciation: dɪvaʊt part of speech: adjective purposeful in spanish: útil, pronunciation: pɜrpəsfəl part of speech: adjective businesslike in spanish: serio, pronunciation: bɪznɪslaɪk part of speech: adjective in earnest in spanish: en serio, pronunciation: ɪnɜrnɪst part of speech: adverb
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