Earshot in spanish

Alcance del oído

pronunciation: ɑlkɑnθedeloʊidoʊ part of speech: noun
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» out of earshot = fuera del alcance del oído, lo suficientemente lejos como para no poder oír.

Example: As soon as the giant moved out of earshot, they gathered desperately to devise a plan.

» within earshot of = al alcance del oído, lo suficientemente cerca como para oír, de modo que + poder + oír.

Example: The only stipulation was that they stayed within earshot of their mother's whistle.

Earshot synonyms

hearing in spanish: audición, pronunciation: hɪrɪŋ part of speech: noun earreach in spanish: alcance, pronunciation: ɜrriətʃ part of speech: noun
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