Easily in spanish


pronunciation: fɑθilmente part of speech: adverb
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easily = fácilmente, de una forma fácil, con facilidad, con comodidad. 

Example: Thus it is possible in an author sequence to view easily the works of one author.


» all too easily = con demasiada facilidad, demasiado fácilmente.

Example: Administrators all too easily fall prey to the siren song of cost reduction, especially if phrases like innovation are employed as harmonic accompaniment.

» be easily led = dejarse llevar fácilmente.

Example: His characters are gullible and easily led, dependent on the kindness of strangers and vulnerable to parasites and touts who hang around train stations and hotels.

» easily available = de fácil acceso, fácilmente accesible.

Example: This means there must be plenty of books to select from and that they must be easily available.

» easily-retrievable = fácil de recuperar.

Example: Librarians have a preference for nice, clean-cut, definable, easily-retrievable questions.

» uneasily = incómodamente, inquietamente.

Example: 'It's not mystifying if you know him well,' Carmichael reflected, shuffling uneasily under her steady gaze.

Easily synonyms

well in spanish: bien, pronunciation: wel part of speech: adverb easy in spanish: fácil, pronunciation: izi part of speech: adjective
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