Ease in spanish


pronunciation: fɑθilitɑɹ̩ part of speech: noun, verb
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ease1 = facilidad, desenvoltura. 

Example: However, the rules numbers which are cited here for ease of reference to AACR2 apply to AACR2 alone.


» ease of installation = facilidad de instalación.

Example: On a 4 star rating, the drive was rated 4 on ease of installation, ease of use, and overall value; and 3 on product support.

» ease of reading = facilidad de lectura.

Example: There is evidence to show that the kind of type face used affects the ease of reading and the legibility.

» ease of use = facilidad de uso.

Example: The author discusses the scope and quality of the information provided, ease of use and pricing structure.

» for ease of = para hacer más fácil.

Example: For ease of consultation, cards should be arranged in alphabetical order in accordance with the main term on the card.

» for ease of + Nombre = para su fácil + Nombre.

Example: Subfields within a field are indicated by the highlighted upside-down triangle <&#9660;> for ease of recognition.

» with ease = con facilidad, fácilmente, con comodidad, con destreza, con soltura, con desenvoltura.

Example: Like a seasoned politician, Mr. Gandhi handled the students' queries with ease during the one-hour session.

» with some ease = con cierta facilidad, con cierta comodidad.

Example: Undaunted, they have risen again and their leader continues to wear the crown of world's best player with some ease.

ease2 = tranquilidad. 

Example: Reaching such a point of ease may be a long haul with some children.


» at ease = a gusto, cómodo, confortable, a + Posesivo + anchas.

Example: The architectural styles of some library buildings make the new user feel oppressed, rather than welcome and at ease.

» be at ease = sentirse a gusto, sentirse cómodo, sentirse confortable, encontrarse a gusto, encontrarse confortable, encontrarse cómodo.

Example: In all public contacts, one strives to maintain a basic level of social graces by deploying the force and warmth of one's personality to ensure that the other person is at ease.

» feel at + ease = sentirse a gusto, sentirse cómodo, sentirse confortable, encontrarse a gusto, encontrarse confortable, encontrarse cómodo.

Example: Lisa lay back, her hair spilling across the pillow, without a stitch on, wondering how she could feel so completely at ease with him.

» ill-at-ease = molesto, incómodo, inquieto, intranquilo, violento. 

Example: One quite serious barrier to improvement is the reluctance of users to tell librarians of their feelings, but perhaps it is expecting too much of them to complain that they are ill-at-ease.

» put + Nombre + at ease = calmar, sosegar, tranquilizar, hacer que Alguien se sienta a gusto.

Example: The osteopath was accused of being off-hand with a female patient and not putting her at ease.

» stand at ease! = ¡descanso!. [Usado en el contexto de instrucción militar]

Example: We were instructed how to stand at ease, stand to attention, how to march, execute left, right and about turns and how to come to a halt.

» unease = malestar, incomodidad.

Example: There is an underlying unease concerning the relevance of AACR2 to a largely and growing computerised cataloguing environment.

ease3 = facilitar, mejorar. 

Example: To ease the cataloguer's job and save him the trouble of counting characters, DOBIS/LIBIS uses a special function.


» ease + Nombre + in = introducir poco a poco.

Example: Do not force the bottle into the hole, but gently ease it in, as too much force will cause the plastic break.

» ease + past = superar fácilmente, vencer fácilmente, ganar fácilmente, ganar sobradamente, ganar de sobra, ganar de calle, llevarse de calle.

Example: In the friendlies we eased past Colombia, and were unlucky to concede a last-minute equaliser against Germany.

» ease + Reflexivo + in = introducirse poco a poco, acomodarse.

Example: Start gently, ease yourself in by breaking the workout down into three one minute sessions until you are ready to notch it up a gear and join them together.

» ease + the pain = aliviar el dolor, mitigar el dolor.

Example: To ease the pain of a pinched sciatic nerve, lie on your back and bend your knees to take the pressure off of the nerve.

» situation + ease = situación + mejorar.

Example: With improved bibliographic control over serial titles the situation has been eased, but the cataloguing of serials has not advanced to the same extent as that of monographs.

ease4 = aliviar, calmar, tranquilizar. 

Example: Ulysses uses words to comfort and lull his mariners, to ease all minds about the hard decision he has made and to persuade all that his choice to leave is correct.


» ease + the pressure = aliviar la presión.

Example: Even with Groome's effort to ease tax burden pressures on individual property owners through industrial development, the tax rate is very steep.

» ease + the tension = relajar la tensión.

Example: And, just as important, the sharp division between home and school is blurred a little and the tensions Hoggart talked about are eased.

» ease + traffic congestion = aliviar las congestiones de tráfico.

Example: Driverless cars could help ease traffic congestion, lower pollution and prevent accidents.

Ease synonyms

facilitate in spanish: facilitar, pronunciation: fəsɪləteɪt part of speech: verb relief in spanish: alivio, pronunciation: rɪlif part of speech: noun rest in spanish: descanso, pronunciation: rest part of speech: noun still in spanish: todavía, pronunciation: stɪl part of speech: adverb alleviate in spanish: aliviar, pronunciation: əlivieɪt part of speech: verb comfort in spanish: comodidad, pronunciation: kʌmfɜrt part of speech: noun repose in spanish: reposo, pronunciation: ripoʊz part of speech: noun allay in spanish: aliviar, pronunciation: əleɪ part of speech: verb relieve in spanish: aliviar, pronunciation: rɪliv part of speech: verb simplicity in spanish: sencillez, pronunciation: sɪmplɪsəti part of speech: noun relaxation in spanish: relajación, pronunciation: rilækseɪʃən part of speech: noun easiness in spanish: facilidad, pronunciation: izinəs part of speech: noun informality in spanish: informalidad, pronunciation: ɪnfɜrmælɪti part of speech: noun

Ease antonyms

difficulty pronunciation: dɪfəkəlti part of speech: noun difficultness pronunciation: dɪfəkəltnəs part of speech: noun
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