Factoring in spanish


pronunciation: fɑktoʊɹ̩iθɑθioʊn part of speech: noun
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factor2 = comparar, tener en cuenta, tomar en cuenta. 

Example: Library funding was factored against the comprehensive budgets of WTALC institutions, resulting in a measurement of the comparative percentage of university money made available to its libraries.


» factor in = contabilizar, tener en cuenta, tomar en cuenta.

Example: However, we must factor in the added impact of community-based telecommunications.



» semantic factoring = factorización semántica. [Método por el cual los términos que representan conceptos específicos son postcoordinados]

Example: The method by which the terms representing specific concepts are post-coordinated is known as semantic factoring.

Factoring synonyms

factorization in spanish: factorización, pronunciation: fæktɜrəzeɪʃən part of speech: noun factorisation in spanish: factorización, pronunciation: fɑktɜrəzeɪʃən part of speech: noun
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