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pronunciation: fɑbɹ̩ikɑ part of speech: noun
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factory = fábrica. 

Example: A thesaurus might advise the searcher that the following alternative terms might prove fruitful: factories and other more specific terms, e.g. Printing works.


» beet sugar factory = fábrica de azúcar de remolacha, azucarera, fábrica azucarera.

Example: This article presents an approach to help beet sugar factories reduce water and effluent.

» car factory = fábrica de automóviles, fábrica de coches.

Example: Police say the blaze in the car factory was probably arson.

» ceramics factory = fábrica de cerámica, alfarería.

Example: The new library has been constructed on the site of a former ceramics factory.

» factory farming = ganadería intensiva, cría intensiva de animales.

Example: In the light of the increased demand for information on 'green' issues such as animal rights, vegetarianism and factory farming, this article lists relevant organisations.

» factory hand = obrero, trabajador de fábrica.

Example: Until the mid nineteen hundreds, this community presented an almost feudal pattern of wealthy merchants and factory hands, with several gradations between these extremes.

» factory library = biblioteca industrial.

Example: In the 1920s and 30s factory libraries grew up in all types of industries, particularly textile industries, but their size and quality varied.

» factory outlet = outlet, tienda outlet, tienda de fábrica.

Example: Factory outlets offer an excellent opportunity to save money on designer brands, but you have to know where to look and how to compare.

» factory surplus = excedencias de fabricación.

Example: This new wholesaler buys up factory surplus items and then sells them direct to the consumer for incredibly cheap prices.

» factory warehouse = nave industrial.

Example: The victim was stabbed with a folding knife at a factory warehouse.

» factory worker = obrero, trabajador de fábrica.

Example: To overcome these, libraries should remember that aesthetic education is an essential part of the education of workers; particular attention should be paid to work with youth, factory and agricultural workers.

» furniture factory = fábrica de muebles.

Example: 48 woodworkers with respiratory disorders employed in a furniture factory were examined.

» glass factory = fábrica de vidrios.

Example: His father was a glass cutter who owned a small glass factory.

» sugar factory = fábrica de azúcar, azucarera, fábrica azucarera.

Example: Over the years, a number of computer models have been developed by Sugar for use in sugar factory design.

Factory synonyms

mill in spanish: molino, pronunciation: mɪl part of speech: noun manufactory in spanish: fabricación, pronunciation: mænjəfæktɜri part of speech: noun manufacturing plant in spanish: planta manufacturera, pronunciation: mænjəfæktʃɜrɪŋplænt part of speech: noun
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