Fair in spanish


pronunciation: xustɑ part of speech: adjective, noun
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fair1 = feria. 

Example: The concept of corporate body includes named occasional groups and events, such as meetings, conferences, congresses, expeditions, exhibitions, festivals, and fairs.


» book fair = feria del libro.

Example: This article describes the 3 largest international book fairs: in Frankfurt, the children's book fair in Bologna, and the American Booksellers Association annual convention which has a different venue every year.

» career fair = feria del empleo.

Example: A career fair gives you the opportunity to practice your interview skills in a less formidable environment than a formal interview.

» carnival fair = feria.

Example: Theatres, cafés, cabarets, bars, bordellos, carnival fairs and the gutter. were the places where the artist found his subject matter.

» craft fair = mercado artesanal, feria artesanal.

Example: If you have a craft fair coming up and want to sell your art at it, these steps will help you sell it successfully.

» fairgoer = asistente a la feria.

Example: 14 other fairgoers suffered minor injuries after their ride collapsed.

» fairground(s) = ferial, recinto ferial.

Example: Emergency officials say a carnival ride has collapsed at a fairgrounds, injuring three people severely.

» fair ride = atracción de la feria, columpio de la feria.

Example: Keep the children entertained by taking them to ride the beach buggies, jump around on the bouncy castle, or have fun on the fair rides.

» funfair = feria, parque de atracciones.

Example: This popular annual funfair sets up camp in the area surrounding the Midi train station in Brussels.

» job fair = feria del empleo.

Example: This job fair is open to all students interested in working in the newspaper industry.

» library fair = feria de la biblioteca.

Example: The year saw a library fair in Gothenburg and a 3 minutes silent strike by cultural workers during the general election campaign.

» trade fair = feria de muestras.

Example: The Great War of 1914-18 was a heavy blow for the Bulletin, from which it never really recovered, and in the 1920s it gradually sank under its own weight, helped by a forced move from its previous quarters to make room for a trade fair.

fair [fairer -comp., fairest -sup.]2 = justo. [Pincha en o en para ver otros adjetivos cuyo grados comparativos y superlativos se formas añadiendo "-er" o "-est" (o sus variantes "-r" o "-st") al final]

Example: It is hardly fair to assess the British Museum code by modern standards for catalogue codes.


» a fair amount of = una buena cantidad de.

Example: A fair amount of detail can be stored as part of each record.

» a fair chance = una oportunidad como es debido.

Example: The motto of the paper was, 'A square deal and a fair chance -- no more, no less'.

» a fair number of = un gran número de.

Example: This opinion bothers me on two counts, one because it smacks of exploitation and, two, because a fair number of the world's leaders, for better or worse, were remarkably successful as leaders in spite of less than outstanding academic records.

» all is fair in love and war = todo vale en el amor y la guerra. [También escrito all's fair in love and war]

Example: If you've gotten to a place in your relationship where you feel like all is fair in love and war, that is a recipe for disaster.

» fair and equitable = justo y equitativo.

Example: The persona non grata must be given fair and equitable time to finish their business before warning them.

» fair and square = en buena ley, con todas las de la ley, en buena lid, justamente, limpiamente, sin hacer trampa.

Example: Kevin wants to play and win or lose fair and square.

» fair and square on = justo en.

Example: And he lay the blame for the attack fair and square on the shoulders of the US president George W. Bush and the French president.

» fair copy = copia literal.

Example: This manuscript is a fair copy made either by an independent scribe or by Shakespeare himself = Este manuscrito es una copia literal realizada por un copista independiente o por el mismo Shakespeare.

» fair-copying = copiado literal.

Example: These errors are likely to have been introduced into the text during dictation for manuscript fair-copying, or during proof-correction by reading aloud = Es problable que estos errores se hayan introducido en el texto durante el dictado para realizar una copia literal del manuscrito, o durante la corrección de pruebas mediante la lectura en voz alta.

» fair dealing = uso razonable. [Derecho que tiene cualquier individuo paraa utilizar un trabajo protegido por copyright para usarlo en investigaciones, enseñanza, para citarlo, criticarlo, comentarlo, etc]

Example: The controls upon abuse of fair dealing will be complex, and I have no easy answers, but we shall have to find answers if we are not to be faced with requests from rights-holders for fees of a great magnitude for electro-copying.

» fair enough = de acuerdo, vale.

Example: Today, Jarvis says something to the effect of, 'Fair enough -- I was just trying to stimulate discussion, but as digital media evolve it can happen anyway'.

» fair-minded [fairminded] = imparcial, sin prejuicios.

Example: We are confident that, after examining both sides of the issue, fair-minded judges will be able to determine who is reliable.

» fair or not = sea justo o injusto, sea justo o no, justo o injusto, justo o no.

Example: And the South takes the cake for being the most car-dependent region -- fair or not, you just gotta have one to survive.

» fair play = juego limpio.

Example: These values include such things as individualism, notions of fair play, & devotion to the principle of equality of opportunity.

» fair price = precio razonable.

Example: A knowledge of the microform market will bring familiarity with publishers and their goods, and will help in deciding what is a fair price.

» fair share = lo que Algo o Alguien se merece, lo que le corresponde, bastante.

Example: Some librarians complain that they are not getting a fair share of these funds.

» fair to middling = más o menos bien, ni bien ni mal, regular.

Example: So I fumble along as best I can, now good, now bad, and I hope generally fair-to-middling.

» fair trade = comercio justo.

Example: The article is entitled 'Publishing abroad: fair trade or short sell for non English speaking authors?'.

» fair trial = juicio justo.

Example: A ban was issued on the publication of information about the trial for manslaughter of Karla Homolka in order to ensure her estranged husband Paul Teale gets a fair trial = Se ha prohibido publicar nada sobre el juicio por homicidio involuntario de Karla Homolka a fin de conseguir que su marido del que se había separado, Paul Teale, tenga un juicio justo.

» fair use = uso razonable. [Derecho que tiene cualquier individuo paraa utilizar un trabajo protegido por copyright para usarlo en investigaciones, enseñanza, para citarlo, criticarlo, comentarlo, etc]

Example: Fair use is a privilege or a right in someone other than the copyright owner to use protected works in certain ways such as researching, teaching, quoting, etc = El uso razonable es un privilegio o un derecho de una persona diferente del titular del copyright para usar los trabajos protegidos en ciertos casos como, por ejemplo, para la investigación, la enseñanza, la cita, etc.

» get + a fair crack of the whip = dar la oportunidad que + merecerse.

Example: She told the BBC she wanted everyone to 'get a fair crack of the whip' whatever their 'socioeconomic class'.

» give + Nombre + a fair chance = dar + Nombre + una oportunidad.

Example: We should give the raw power of Internet-wide full text indexing a fair chance.

» give + Nombre + a fair crack of the whip = dar la oportunidad que + merecerse.

Example: So while no-one should be exempt from criticism, I do feel that people should give her a fair crack of the whip before jumping in guns blazing.

» Office of Fair Trade = Tribunal de Defensa de la Competencia.

Example: After due diligence, tax and regulatory processes, the recent approval of the Office of Fair Trade in the United Kingdom has made completion possible.

» play + fair = jugar limpio, ser justo.

Example: There is nothing wrong in teaching the values of sharing and playing fair among sibblings.

» to a fair extent = en un grado bastante aceptable.

Example: The 1949 code was adopted to a fair extent in the United States.

» to be fair = a decir verdad, en justicia.

Example: To be fair, this was not Ewart's or Edwards' idea of a public library.

» turnabout is fair play = a mí también me gustaría tener la misma oportunidad.

Example: The article 'Turnabout is fair play' discusses a clause of US copyright law that lets scholars excerpt for purposes of criticism, scholarship and education, as long as the excerpts meet certain criteria.

fair [fairer -comp., fairest -sup.]3 = bello. [Pincha en o en para ver otros adjetivos cuyo grados comparativos y superlativos se formas añadiendo "-er" o "-est" (o sus variantes "-r" o "-st") al final]

Example: If the analogy with the fairy story is taken a little further it can be noted that no author really believes in dragons, wicked queens, fair maidens locked in high towers and the like.


» fairer sex, the = bello sexo, el; sexo débil, el.

Example: Men perspire while women really do just glow, claim scientists after discovering that the fairer sex needs to work much harder to build up a sweat.

» fair hair = pelo rubio, cabello rubio.

Example: I have very fair hair on my upper lip and it has never bothered me much, but the other day i decided to pluck it.

» fair sex, the = bello sexo, el; sexo débil, el.

Example: I was young in those days, and perhaps apt to look at things through rose-coloured spectacles, especially where the fair sex was concerned.

» fair skin = piel blanca.

Example: Freckles are caused by exposure to sunlight, especially on those with fair skin.

» fair skinned, the = personas de piel blanca, las.

Example: Research has also found that the fair skinned Eurocentric model is the somatic norm for advertising.

» fair weather = buen tiempo.

Example: If you are a 'fair weather' cyclist, you don't need fenders.

Fair synonyms

clear in spanish: claro, pronunciation: klɪr part of speech: adjective beautiful in spanish: hermoso, pronunciation: bjutəfəl part of speech: adjective clean in spanish: limpiar, pronunciation: klin part of speech: adjective, verb just in spanish: sólo, pronunciation: dʒʌst part of speech: adverb average in spanish: promedio, pronunciation: ævɜrɪdʒ part of speech: adjective, noun indifferent in spanish: indiferente, pronunciation: ɪndɪfrənt part of speech: adjective moderate in spanish: moderar, pronunciation: mɑdɜrət part of speech: adjective mediocre in spanish: mediocre, pronunciation: midioʊkɜr part of speech: adjective ordinary in spanish: ordinario, pronunciation: ɔrdəneri part of speech: adjective reasonable in spanish: razonable, pronunciation: rizənəbəl part of speech: adjective blonde in spanish: rubia, pronunciation: blɑnd part of speech: adjective, noun legible in spanish: legible, pronunciation: ledʒəbəl part of speech: adjective impartial in spanish: imparcial, pronunciation: ɪmpɑrʃəl part of speech: adjective carnival in spanish: carnaval, pronunciation: kɑrnəvəl part of speech: noun bazaar in spanish: bazar, pronunciation: bəzɑr part of speech: noun fairly in spanish: bastante, pronunciation: ferli part of speech: adverb blond in spanish: rubio, pronunciation: blɑnd part of speech: adjective, noun comely in spanish: gentil, pronunciation: kʌmli part of speech: adjective disinterested in spanish: desinteresado, pronunciation: dɪsɪntrɪstɪd part of speech: adjective dispassionate in spanish: desapasionado, pronunciation: dɪspæʃənət part of speech: adjective bonny in spanish: hermoso, pronunciation: bɑni part of speech: adjective respectable in spanish: respetable, pronunciation: rɪspektəbəl part of speech: adjective middling in spanish: regular, pronunciation: mɪdəlɪŋ part of speech: noun bonnie in spanish: bonnie, pronunciation: bɑni part of speech: adjective sporting in spanish: deportivo, pronunciation: spɔrtɪŋ part of speech: adjective unbiased in spanish: imparcial, pronunciation: ənbaɪəst part of speech: adjective antitrust in spanish: antimonopolista, pronunciation: æntaɪtrʌst part of speech: adjective funfair in spanish: parque de atracciones, pronunciation: fʌnfer part of speech: noun antimonopoly in spanish: antimonopolio, pronunciation: æntɪmənɑpəli part of speech: adjective fairish in spanish: fairish, pronunciation: ferɪʃ part of speech: adjective fair-minded in spanish: imparcial, pronunciation: fermaɪndɪd part of speech: adjective sightly in spanish: agradable a la vista, pronunciation: saɪtli part of speech: adjective unbiassed in spanish: sin sesgo, pronunciation: ənbaɪəst part of speech: adjective light-haired in spanish: de pelo claro, pronunciation: laɪtherd part of speech: adjective sportsmanlike in spanish: caballeroso, pronunciation: spɔrtsmənlaɪk part of speech: adjective evenhandedly in spanish: imparcialmente, pronunciation: evənhændɪdli part of speech: adverb fair-and-square in spanish: justo y cuadrado, pronunciation: ferændskwer part of speech: adjective in-bounds in spanish: dentro de los límites, pronunciation: ɪnbaʊndz part of speech: adjective without favoring one party in spanish: sin favorecer a una de las partes, pronunciation: wɪθaʊtfeɪvɜrɪŋwʌnpɑrti part of speech: adverb

Fair antonyms

foul pronunciation: faʊl part of speech: adjective partial pronunciation: pɑrʃəl part of speech: adjective unfair pronunciation: ənfer part of speech: adjective unjust pronunciation: əndʒʌst part of speech: adjective unfairly pronunciation: ənferli part of speech: adverb
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