Hack in spanish


pronunciation: koʊɹ̩tɑɹ̩ part of speech: noun, verb
In gestures

hack1 = escritorzuelo. 

Example: The British Museum Reading Room is filled with cranks, hacks, poverty-stricken scholars who cherish their hobby.

hack2 = negro. [Escritor que escribe para otra persona quien asume la autoría de la obra]

Example: Such commissioning of books of this sort does not in any way imply that the author is working as a hack.

hack3 = chapucero, de poca monta. 

Example: They don't have true leadership qualities, they are simply hacks as managers.


» hack journalist = gacetillero.

Example: A borrowing of a non-fiction book could be the autobiography of a near-illiterate footballer ghosted by a hack journalist.

» hack writing = escritura barata. [Forma de escribir, especialmente novelas, a base de clichés]

Example: At the other end of the continuum is the form of hack writing typified by the poorest quality of adventure stories (often mildly pornographic).

hack4 = cortar a tajos, cortar en tajos, dar un hachazo. 

Example: He had to rush his nephew to hospital after he was hacked by a machete-wielding mob.

hack5 = piratear, acceder ilegalmente. [Usado generalmente para la informática y las comunicaciones]

Example: Mr Coulson also revealed that he had been warned by Scotland Yard that there was 'strong evidence' that his own phone had been hacked.

hack6 = conseguir Algo con esfuerzo. 

Example: The town of Wexler was hacked out of the wilderness, and for many years it stood alone in the forest, a halting place in the long stagecoach journey from eastern localities to the unknown West.

Hack synonyms

cut in spanish: cortar, pronunciation: kʌt part of speech: verb, noun plug in spanish: enchufe, pronunciation: plʌg part of speech: noun chop in spanish: picar, pronunciation: tʃɑp part of speech: verb, noun nag in spanish: rocín, pronunciation: næg part of speech: noun jade in spanish: jade, pronunciation: dʒeɪd part of speech: noun drudge in spanish: esclava, pronunciation: drʌdʒ part of speech: noun cab in spanish: taxi, pronunciation: kæb part of speech: noun taxi in spanish: taxi, pronunciation: tæksi part of speech: noun whoop in spanish: alarido, pronunciation: wup part of speech: noun, verb hacker in spanish: hacker, pronunciation: hækɜr part of speech: noun taxicab in spanish: Taxi, pronunciation: tæksikæb part of speech: noun cut up in spanish: cortar, pronunciation: kʌtʌp part of speech: verb, adjective ward-heeler in spanish: Ward-Heeler, pronunciation: wɔrdhilɜr part of speech: noun literary hack in spanish: truco literario, pronunciation: lɪtɜrerihæk part of speech: noun political hack in spanish: truco político, pronunciation: pəlɪtəkəlhæk part of speech: noun hack writer in spanish: hackear escritor, pronunciation: hækraɪtɜr part of speech: noun hack on in spanish: piratear, pronunciation: hækɑn part of speech: verb machine politician in spanish: maquina politica, pronunciation: məʃinpɑlətɪʃən part of speech: noun
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