Hacking in spanish


pronunciation: sekoʊ part of speech: verb, noun
In gestures

hack4 = cortar a tajos, cortar en tajos, dar un hachazo. 

Example: He had to rush his nephew to hospital after he was hacked by a machete-wielding mob.

hack5 = piratear, acceder ilegalmente. [Usado generalmente para la informática y las comunicaciones]

Example: Mr Coulson also revealed that he had been warned by Scotland Yard that there was 'strong evidence' that his own phone had been hacked.

hack6 = conseguir Algo con esfuerzo. 

Example: The town of Wexler was hacked out of the wilderness, and for many years it stood alone in the forest, a halting place in the long stagecoach journey from eastern localities to the unknown West.

hacking = hacking, piratería informática. 

Example: Computer networks are under attack from viruses, traditional hacking and cyberattack.
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