Id in spanish

Carné de identidad

pronunciation: kɑɹ̩nedeidentidɑd part of speech: noun
In gestures

ID (identification)1 = identificación, identificador. 

Example: To make the product more closely resemble a CD-ROM service; IDs for 10 simultaneous users were obtained for a flat fee.


» ID number (identification number) = número de identificación.

Example: The concept of an ID (identification) number allows a single number to be assigned to the skeleton of an organic compound which has unique chemical significance.

» ID photograph = fotografía tamaño carnet, foto carnet.

Example: Users names, professional addresses, qualifications, subjects of study, type and duration of reading privileges and a signed ID photograph are available in a central image database.

» user ID = identificador de usuario, nombre de usuario.

Example: Vendors usually control access through some combination of Internet Protocol (IP) address and user ID and password.

ID2 = identificar, pedir la identificación. 

Example: The body found burried under a house on Tuesday was IDed yesterday through dental records.
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