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pronunciation: guɑɹ̩diɑn part of speech: noun
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keeper = conservador, cuidador. [Pincha en para ver otras palabras que acaban con esta terminación]

Example: Vervliet's involvement with books began with his appointment in 1949 as keeper at the Plantin Moretus Museum in Antwerp, where he acquired a wide knowledge of the history of printing in the Low Countries.


» beekeeper = apicultor, abejero, colmenero. 

Example: Beekeeping is a dying art but as long as we require food to eat, there will be a need for honeybees and beekeepers.

» bookkeeper = contable. 

Example: This department is headed by a general office manager who has a staff of bookkeepers, billing clerks, comptrollers, and secretaries.

» doorkeeper = portero.

Example: This is but a myth used instrumentally by delinquents to establish a position on the criminal scene -- as doorkeepers, bodyguards, money collectors or other so-called 'specialists in violence'.

» finders keepers (, losers weepers) = el que lo encuentre se lo queda (y el que pierda que se aguante).

Example: Results suggest that people endorse a 'losers weepers' norm more often than they do a 'finders keepers' or 'share and share alike' norm, although all were endorsed.

» gamekeeper = guardabosques, guarda forestal, guarda.

Example: Both particularly fancied the idea of Hughes as gamekeeper and bard of the primitive urges, whose animal magnetism drives women mad.

» gatekeeper = guardián, controlador. [En una institución, aquella persona que suele mantenerse al día de la información relativa a un tema y al que el resto de sus compañeros se remite para obtener las últimas novedades. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que acaban con esta terminación]

Example: Research has shown that many people get their 'updates' from someone called 'the gatekeeper'.

» goalkeeper = portero, guardamenta.

Example: Then in a grandstand finish the home side, on top throughout, were kept at bay by the agility of the visiting team's goalkeeper.

» housekeeper [house-keeper] = encargado, supervisor, administrador.

Example: A software agent named SiteHelper is designed to act as a housekeeper for the Web server and as a helper for a Web user to find relevant information at a particular site.

» innkeeper = posadero, ventero.

Example: Over a hundred years ago Samuel S Green advised librarians 'Receive readers with something of the cordiality displayed by an old-time innkeeper'.

» keeper of archives = archivero.

Example: Librarians, information scientists, and keepers of the archives have to realise the meaning of the so-called electronic library (e-library).

» kinkeeper = familiar que cuida de los mayores. 

Example: Most kinkeepers are women, & their kinkeeping roles are transmitted to their daughters, who serve as apprentices to these roles during the aging of the oldest generation.

» lighthouse keeper = farero.

Example: The story of one of the last lighthouse keepers, a man who chose the solitary life at the lighthouse because of personal tragedy.

» peacekeeper = mantenedor de la paz, mediador en un conflicto.

Example: The article is entitled 'Information as peacekeeper'.

» poundkeeper = propietario de perrera.

Example: Before an unredeemed dog is sold to a new owner, the poundkeeper may require that such dog be held under observation in a veterinary hospital.

» safekeeper [sake-keeper] = conservador, guardián.

Example: Libraries find themselves frustrated in their role as safekeepers of science: how can they ensure optimal access and availability if they do not control the access systems?.

» shopkeeper [shop-keeper] = dependiente, tendero.

Example: A librarian should be as unwilling to allow an enquirer to leave the library with his question unanswered as a shop-keeper is to have a customer go out of his store without making a purchase.

» storekeeper = almacenista, dependiente, guardián, tendero. 

Example: Certainly the last thing we want is that books be shut up in tastefully decorated warehouses, watched over by highly trained storekeepers whose main purpose is to see that everything is kept tidily in its place and, as far as possible, untouched by human hands -- especially the sticky-fingered hands of marauding children.

» timekeeper = cronometrador, cronómetro.

Example: The teacher explains the rules and also acts as timekeeper and linesman to judge on offside.

» warehouse keeper = encargado del almacén.

Example: Finally, a few copies of an edition seem generally to have slipped through with their cancellanda uncancelled, so that examples of the original settings may sometimes be found (occasionally slashed by the warehouse keeper's shears, deliberate defacement which escaped notice).

» zookeeper = cuidador de animales de parque zoológico.

Example: Chapter 4 outlines miscellaneous jobs such as lathers, plasterers, roofers, metalworkers, pipefitters, teacher aides and zookeepers.

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steward in spanish: mayordomo, pronunciation: stuɜrd part of speech: noun custodian in spanish: custodio, pronunciation: kəstoʊdiən part of speech: noun
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