Keg in spanish


pronunciation: bɑrilete part of speech: noun
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keg = barril, tonel. 

Example: There is now renewed interest in other biodegradable materials that have been found preserved in peat, including dried fruits, berries, and kegs of butter or cheese.


» beer keg = barril de cerveza.

Example: The need for identification of individual beer kegs in a brewery is discussed.

» keg beer = cerveza de barril.

Example: The brewery produces 4 types of bottled beer, 10 types of canned beer, and 2 types of keg beer.

» powder keg = barril de pólvora.

Example: Nietzsche is shown as a degenerative matchstick instead of the explosive powder keg he fancied himself to be.

» powder keg = polvorín, bomba de relojería. [Situación conflictiva muy peligrosa que está a punto de estallar]

Example: We are bitterly divided by opposing ideologies that are ripping our nation apart -- a powder keg of racial tensions simmers below the surface of mainstream America.

Keg synonyms

kegful in spanish: kegful, pronunciation: kegfəl part of speech: noun
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