Keyboard in spanish


pronunciation: teklɑdoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

keyboard1 = teclado. 

Example: Further, the user is not required to have any of the typing skills that are useful when faced with and alphanumeric keyboard, and the need to key in complete search terms.


» adaptive keyboard = teclado adaptado. [Teclado adaptado a necesidades especiales]

Example: As I sit and type this article on an adaptive keyboard, I realize once again how many things each of us take for granted.

» keyboard function = función por tecla.

Example: When you are viewing your results, the following keyboard functions are available to assist you: CTRL+PGDN to display the next record and HOME to display first screen of current record.

» keyboard instrument = instrumento musical con teclado.

Example: A chorus score is a score of a vocal work showing only the chorus parts, with accompaniment, if any, arranged for keyboard instrument.

» keyboard music = música de teclado.

Example: Completed bibliographies covering Australian compositions have appeared on: instrumental and chamber music; orchestral music; keyboard music; vocal and choral music; dramatic music.

» keyboard operator = operador, teclista, mecanógrafo de ordenador.

Example: Whether entries are to be typed and directly duplicated or put into a computerized information-retrieval system they must be easily transcribed by the keyboard operator.

» keyboard overlay = máscara de teclado. [máscara para adaptar el teclado a necesidades especiales]

Example: A special keyboard overlay was developed to facilitate computing in Indian language scripts.

» keyboard punch = teclado de perforación.

Example: One of them will take instructions and data from a whole roomful of girls armed with simple keyboard punches.

» keyboard shortcut = atajo de teclado.

Example: Keyboard shortcuts help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse.

keyboard2 = teclear, mecanografiar, picar, introducir mediante el teclado. 

Example: One use of the Mouse is in free-hand drawing, but it also promises to improve drastically the way in which data can be manipulated once it has been keyboarded into a file.
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