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pronunciation: eskɑleɹ̩ɑ part of speech: noun
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ladder1 = escalera. 

Example: 2 metaphors in particular are considered: reading is a ladder; and reading is eating.


» climb + a ladder = montarse en una escalera, subirse en una escalera.

Example: Don't climb a ladder if the soles of your shoes or boots are wet, muddy or slippery.

» folding ladder = escalera plegable, escalera de tijera.

Example: A folding ladder is used to gaining access to the attic through a scuttle hole in the ceiling

» game of chutes and ladders = juego de toboganes y escaleras, juego de la oca. [También conocido como game of snakes and ladders (juego de serpientes y escaleras)]

Example: I am the most recent fallen angel to stumble into a game of chutes and ladders, and you best believe I will hold on for dear life.

» game of snakes and ladders = juego de serpientes y escaleras, juego de la oca. [También conocido como game of chutes and ladders (juego de toboganes y escaleras)]

Example: Life is more or less like a game of snake and ladders -- you are the top at some point of time, and at the very next moment, you are back at square one.

» Jacob's ladder = escalera de cuerda.

Example: I have used the following as structures on which to mount displays: a Jacob's ladder built into an interesting shape, covered with sacking and decorated appropriately.

» rope ladder = escalera de cuerda.

Example: In 1953 caver Henry Lambert descended a rope ladder with a safety line attached to his waist.

» snakes and ladders = serpientes y escaleras. [Juego de mesa también conocido como chutes and ladders (toboganes y escaleras)]

Example: A great many of you will remember the game of Snakes and Ladders from your youth.

» stepladder = escalera, escalera plegable, escalera de tijera, escalera de mano.

Example: As a result, the worker lost his balance, fell off the stepladder, and fractured his right leg.

» telescopic ladder = escalera plegable.

Example: Sometimes it's a stretch to get all those home improvement or home repair jobs done so make it easy on yourself with this telescopic ladder.

ladder2 = jerarquía. 

Example: Special attention should be given to Figure 2, which proposes two lattices (or ladders) for career movement in libraries.


» career ladder = escalafón laboral.

Example: Women's climb up the career ladder has been fostered through programmes which aim to instil gender awareness in existing male members of staff.

» climb (up) + the corporate ladder = ascender, ascender de categoría, subir de categoría.

Example: This article describes the impact of the organizational factors which create the 'glass ceiling', inhibiting women's ability to climb the corporate ladder.

» climb (up) + the ladder = ascender, ascender de categoría, subir de categoría.

Example: If you carry on helping me and the others like you do, you might get to climb up the ladder someday.

» climb (up) + the ladder of success = subir la escalera del éxito, trepar la escalera del éxito.

Example: You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket.

» climb (up) + the success ladder = subir la escalera del éxito, trepar la escalera del éxito.

Example: She wanted to climb the success ladder on her own merits of intellect and ability.

» corporate ladder = jerarquía corporativa, escalafón corporativo.

Example: You're four times more likely to find a psychopath at the top of the corporate ladder than you are walking around the janitor's office.

» employment ladder = escalafón laboral.

Example: This measure has allowed women to meet their familial duties whilst maintaining their foothold on the employment ladder.

» get on(to) the property ladder = comprar tu primera vivienda, comprar tu primera casa, convertirse en propietario. [Expresión británica usada para referirse al hecho de que los jóvenes deben comprarse su primera vivienda, generalmente más barata, para así poder en el transcurso de los años poder ir cambiando de casa, generalmente cada vez más lujosa y en mejores entornos]

Example: Young people are finding it harder than ever to get on the property ladder without some form of extra support, often from parents.

» hierarchy ladder = estructura jerárquica de una organización.

Example: But I've always found that if I sent a decision down the hierarchy ladder, it almost always came back up for a final decision.

» horizontal ladder = mejora de las condiciones laborales.

Example: The strategies to be described can be viewed as horizontal ladders -- new and challenging experiences that can occur laterally within the organization and that add spice to a familiar routine.

» ladder of success, the = escalera del éxito, la.

Example: As it is said nothing succeeds like success and the ladder of success is never crowded the top.

» move up + the ladder of success = subir la escalera del éxito, trepar la escalera del éxito.

Example: Many persons believe that to move up the ladder of success and achievement, they must forget the past, repress it, and relinquish it.

» step up + the career ladder = ascender en el trabajo.

Example: The article is entitled 'Stepping up the career ladder: What to look for and where to find it'.

» success ladder, the = escalera del éxito, la.

Example: You will know it when you realize that being on the 'success ladder' doesn't contribute anything to your self-satisfaction.

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