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pronunciation: rebistɑ part of speech: noun
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magazine = revista. [Publicación de carácer divulgativo sobre un tema especializado o que trata de la vida social de personajes famosos]

Example: Trade literature, popular magazines, and newspapers do not abound with citations.


» celebrity magazine = revista del corazón.

Example: Nearly 3m celebrity magazines are sold each week in Britain, compared with 7.5m in America, a country with five times the population.

» electronic magazine (e-zine/EZine) = revista electrónica, revista web.

Example: This article briefly reviews the status of electronic books (e-books) and electronic magazines (e-zines), produced as CD-ROM and online versions.

» entertainment magazine = revista de actualidad, revista del corazón.

Example: In certain entertainment magazines there is a type of crossword puzzle where, instead. of clues for words, the cells contain positive integers.

» fanzine [fan magazine] = fanzine. [Revista producida por un aficcionado o un grupo de seguidores de alguna actividad o persona sin fines comerciales y sin anuncios, generalmente en formato electrónico]

Example: Fanzines (fan magazines) are periodicals written and published by pop music fans for other fans.

» fashion magazine = revista de modas.

Example: Sources include trade magazines, newspapers, advertising material, and fashion magazines.

» girlie magazine = revista pornográfica.

Example: All the girls in every girlie magazine can't make me feel any less alone.

» gossip magazine = revista del corazón.

Example: There is evidence that misogyny still prevails in the media, especially in entertainment gossip magazines.

» half-crown magazine = revista de media corona. [Revista mensual publicada en Inglaterra en el siglo XIX]

Example: The success of the shilling part-issues of the 1840s, however, which seemed better value than half-crown magazines or three-deckers, prompted the appearance of shilling magazines carrying two or three serialized novels in each monthly number.

» half-crown monthly magazine = revista mensual de media corona. [Revista publicada en Inglaterra en el siglo XIX]

Example: The serialization of new fiction in half-crown monthly magazines such as Blackwood's started in a small way in the 1820s, and grew in importance during the following decade.

» house magazine = revista popular, revista de actualidad.

Example: This is a classified, annotated guide to magazines which fall into the general category of house magazines available to libraries on a complimentary basis.

» listing magazine = guía.

Example: Various listing magazines are available that cover the arts and culture in Glasgow.

» literary magazine = revista literaria.

Example: Outlets for creativity included links to online literary magazines and art galleries and online forms for teenagers to submit book reviews to library staff = Para las cuestiones relacionadas con la creatividad, la página web incluía enlaces a revistas literarias y a galerías de arte en línea y a formularios electrónicos para que los jóvenes pudieran enviar sus reseñas de libros al personal bibliotecario.

» MAD magazine = MAD magazine. [Revista satírica de humor publicada en los Estados Unidos]

Example: Mad Magazine is a highly sophisticated, satiric commentary on virtually all phases of American culture and should not be overlooked as a literary source.

» magazine rack = revistero.

Example: His face appeared on magazine racks across the country.

» news magazine = revista.

Example: Additionally, popular news magazines have characterized the Soviets as 'savages, dupes, despots, and barbarians,' prompting the United States to believe itself superior.

» parish magazine = hoja parroquial.

Example: Bookstalls, church libraries, newspaper agencies, parish magazines, and press officers all need consideration.

» popular magazine = revista de actualidad, revista del corazón.

Example: The number of full text data bases on-line is also increasing, providing instant access to newspapers and newswires, popular magazines and scholarly journals.

» pornographic magazine = revista pornográfica.

Example: The exhibition was a retrospective and featured clippings from pornographic magazines, props from past performances (including syringes, chains, tampons, meat cleavers, and Vaseline), and press cuttings.

» powder magazine = polvorín.

Example: This 18th century powder magazine was discovered in the 20th century after spending about 200 years underground.

» shilling magazine = revista a un real. [Revista publicada en el siglo XIX que contenía varias novelas seriadas]

Example: The success of the shilling part-issues of the 1840s prompted the appearance of shilling magazines carrying two or three serialized novels in each monthly number, and these in turn recaptured the bulk of the serial fiction market from the part-issues during the 1860s.

» ship's magazine = santabárbara.

Example: When flames reached the ship's magazine, the resulting explosion blew a huge hole in the bow and, within a few minutes, the ship sank.

» sports magazine = revista deportiva.

Example: The author describes how a programme was developed jointly by a librarian and a sports coach to introducing student wrestlers to the world of sports magazines.

» trade magazine = revista divulgativa. [Revista dedicada a dar noticias de una profesión o de un pasatiempo y que se caracteriza por el gran número de anuncios publicitarios que contiene]

Example: Other journal titles ranged from popular and trade magazines to scholarly journals spanning the disciplinary map.

» women's magazines = revistas para mujeres.

Example: No critics review issues of magazines or the weekly episodes of Crossroads or Coronation Street but women's magazines and these television serials all have readership and viewers numbered in millions.

Magazine synonyms

clip in spanish: acortar, pronunciation: klɪp part of speech: noun mag in spanish: revista, pronunciation: mæg part of speech: noun cartridge in spanish: cartucho, pronunciation: kɑrtrədʒ part of speech: noun cartridge clip in spanish: pinza de cartucho, pronunciation: kɑrtrədʒklɪp part of speech: noun cartridge holder in spanish: soporte de cartucho, pronunciation: kɑrtrədʒhoʊldɜr part of speech: noun magazine publisher in spanish: editor de revistas, pronunciation: mægəzinpʌblɪʃɜr part of speech: noun powder magazine in spanish: revista de polvo, pronunciation: paʊdɜrmægəzin part of speech: noun powder store in spanish: tienda de polvo, pronunciation: paʊdɜrstɔr part of speech: noun
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