Oak in spanish


pronunciation: roʊble part of speech: noun
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oak = roble, encina. 

Example: Oak was shaped by splitting with wooden wedges, and by hewing with axes or adzes.


» cork oak = alcornoque, chaparro.

Example: In Spain and Portugal, cork oak landscapes have historically been home to the Iberian lynx and the Spanish imperial eagle.

» great oaks from little acorns grow = grandes robles nacen de pequeñas bellotas. [Expresión inglesa que expresa que un inicio pequeño puede dar lugar a algo muy importante]

Example: Much more will be needed, but at least a start will have been made; there is an English expression for this: 'great oaks from little acorns grow'.

» holm-oak = encina.

Example: The square is surrounded by banana trees, holm-oak, and Judas trees, and in the middle there are two table tennis tables and a basketball net.

» oak forest = encinar, robledo, bosque de robles, bosque de encinas.

Example: Time has stood still here and its landscape of oak forests, rolling hills and grassy plains have changed little over the centuries.

» oak-leaf lettuce = lechuga hoja de roble.

Example: Oak-leaf lettuce tolerates heat very well and does not become bitter because of it.

» oak panelled = cubierto con paneles de madera de roble.

Example: The oak panelled rooms are occasionally used for official visits.

» oak panelling = revestimiento de paredes con paneles de madera de roble.

Example: The old is a renovated Georgian style building with formal rooms containing fireplaces, carved woodwork and English oak panelling.

» oak tree = roble, encina.

Example: The article 'Underneath the oak trees' describes the use of an underground building for a library.

Oak synonyms

woody in spanish: leñoso, pronunciation: wʊdi part of speech: adjective oaken in spanish: de roble, pronunciation: oʊkən part of speech: adjective oak tree in spanish: roble, pronunciation: oʊktri part of speech: noun
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