Obedience in spanish


pronunciation: oʊbedienθiɑ part of speech: noun
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obedience = obediencia, acatamiento, respeto. 

Example: This article reviews the prospects and limitations of several of these strategies for explaining cooperation and obedience to social norms.


» disobedience = desobediencia, desacato.

Example: The article 'Telling Brown Owl to scoot: on the virtues of disobedience in children's fiction' discusses a range of children's fiction for the presence of mischievousness in the main characters.

» take + a vow of obedience = hacer voto de obediencia.

Example: Sisters, for example, who take a vow of obedience, are willing to abide by the decisions made by their superiors.

» vow of obedience = voto de obediencia.

Example: Some religious in addition to the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience make other vows such as special obedience to the Pope.

Obedience synonyms

respect in spanish: el respeto, pronunciation: rɪspekt part of speech: noun

Obedience antonyms

disobedience pronunciation: dɪsəbidiəns part of speech: noun noncompliance pronunciation: nɑnkəmplaɪəns part of speech: noun
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