Oasis in spanish


pronunciation: oʊɑsis part of speech: noun
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oasis [oases, pl.] = oasis. 

Example: The article 'An oasis where many trails cross' identifies cocitation clusters representing research specialists impinging on the field of communication.


» an oasis of = un oasis de.

Example: This situation only really stands out because this place is normally such an oasis of gentlemanly and civil behaviour.

» calm oasis = oasis de calma, oasis de tranquilidad.

Example: If you are looking for a calm oasis in a sea of stress when you return home, decorating in the Zen style may be the perfect answer.

» oasis of peace = oasis de paz, isla de paz.

Example: At times like that, the only answer is to escape into the beauty and wonder of the natural world, and find your own little oasis of peace.

» oasis of peace and tranquillity = oasis de paz y tranquilidad, isla de paz y tranquilidad.

Example: In this oasis of peace and tranquility all you hear is the chirping of the birds.

Oasis synonyms

haven in spanish: refugio, pronunciation: heɪvən part of speech: noun
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