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pronunciation: xuɹ̩ɑmentoʊ part of speech: noun
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oath = juramento, jura, promesa. 

Example: Cold War loyalty oaths and investigations had a significant impact on an unknown number of US librarians between 1947 and 1957.


» blood oath = pacto de sangre.

Example: Usually, blood oaths are a way to 'pledge allegiance' (not the flag pledge, I mean) to a god or group.

» Hippocratic oath, the = juramento hipocrático. [Promesa hecha por los médicos de que intentarán salvar la vida de los pacientes y de que seguirán las normas establecidas por la profesión]

Example: Sometimes librarians have to explain to enquirers who will almost certainly not believe them that ostriches do not put their heads in the sand, that in Britain at least, doctors do not take the Hippocratic oath, and that both the yeti and Sweeney Todd's baber's shop are fiction.

» minced oath = blasfemia eufemística. [Imprecación religiosa que deforma las palabras para no blasfemar contra la religión]

Example: Use of a minced oath in the place of something ordinarily considered blasphemous is still blasphemous as the minced oath is merely a euphemism for the same thing.

» presidential oath = juramento presidencial.

Example: Forty-four Americans have now taken the presidential oath = Son ya 44 los estadounidenses que han pronunciado el juramento presidencial.

» statement under oath = declaración bajo juramento.

Example: The investigation revealed that he had made false statements under oath during sworn oral depositions in proceedings.

» swear + an oath = jurar, hacer un juramento.

Example: Sometimes users ask for documents that are difficult to find such as a photograph of an ostrich with its head in the sand, or the Hippocratic oath that all doctors have to swear, or something about yetis.

» take + an oath = jurar, hacer un juramento, prometer.

Example: The library had a display of the Bible and the Koran for solicitors and others for purposes of taking oaths and swearing in.

» testify under + oath = prestar declaración bajo juramento, testificar bajo juramento.

Example: They insist that the president should let his senior advisers testify under oath.

» under oath = bajo juramento.

Example: In that case, such lies, whether under oath or not, should be treated as the crimes that they are and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Oath synonyms

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