Obey in spanish


pronunciation: oʊbedeθeɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

obey = obedecer, acatar. 

Example: After the computer has obeyed this command, the searcher is prompted again.


» obey + Posesivo + command = obedecer + Posesivo + orden.

Example: He had always been very strict, and she had had to mind her manners and obey his every command.

» obey + the law = obedecer la ley, acatar la ley.

Example: We believe in telling the truth and obeying the law, and have no truck with bribery or corruption.

» obey + the rules = obedecer las reglas, acatar las reglas.

Example: There is no one factor that singlehandedly causes us to obey the rules.

» obey without + question(ing) = obedecer sin rechistar, acatar sin rechistar.

Example: If you blindly obey without question, you run the risk of being responsible for what someone else decided you should do.

Obey antonyms

disobey pronunciation: dɪsəbeɪ part of speech: verb
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