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pronunciation: oʊbxetoʊ part of speech: noun
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object1 = objeto. [Artefacto tridimensional (o su réplica), o espécimen de un ente de la naturaleza]

Example: An object is a tree-dimensional artefact (or replica of an artefact) or a specimen of a naturally occurring entity.


» art object = objeto de arte.

Example: Despite a 20-year effort to develop a code for the description and cataloguing of art objects, the art world has not yet developed standard practices for these functions.

» book-object = libro como objeto.

Example: A reader's experience of a book is influenced by both the book-object itself, and by the patterns of meaning created quite intangibly in the reader's head.

» celestial object = objeto celeste.

Example: Actually, 'evening star' or 'morning star' nearly always refers to Venus, which is by far the brightest celestial object in the sky after the sun and moon.

» cult object = objeto de culto.

Example: The author examines the history of the image, understood as personal simulacrum and cult object.

» cultural object = objeto cultural.

Example: The war involved not only extensive loss of life and destruction of property, but also widespread damage to cultural monuments and objects.

» direct object = objeto directo.

Example: When you modify the direct object or direct complement, the gerund should designate animate beings.

» DOI (Digital Object Identifier) = DOI (Identificador de Objeto Digital). [En Internet, número de identificación de todo elemento digital, equivalente al ISBN o ISSN]

Example: The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a unique identifier (similar to an ISBN or ISSN), which will allow access to electronic documents -- even when their URL changes.

» electronic information object = objeto de información electrónico.

Example: The author discusses current attempts to organize electronic information objects in a world that is messy, volatile and uncontrolled.

» flying object = objeto volador.

Example: This is a new method for guiding a flying object, as a projectile, towards a target.

» household object = objeto casero.

Example: Household objects in each building are mentioned en passant and are not described systematically.

» indirect object = objeto indirecto.

Example: Some verbs have two objects -- an indirect object and a direct object: He cooked all her friends a delicious meal.

» learning object = objeto de aprendizaje.

Example: A learning object is any digital resource that can be reused to mediate learning.

» material object = objeto material.

Example: Cave paintings, baked clay tablets, papyrus rolls, vellum, parchment and paper manuscripts, movable type printing; these have been the material objects by means of which man have communicated with their fellows.

» money + be + no object (for/to + Nombre) = el dinero no + ser + problema, el dinero no + ser + obstáculo.

Example: What would you do, if money was no object at all?.

» MOO (Multi-user Object Oriented) software = programa MOO (multiusuarios y orientado a objetos). [En Internet, entorno virtual donde el usuario se mueve a través de hiperenlaces]

Example: Based on free multi-user, online, object-oriented (MOO) software, low-cost virtual libraries are a reality on the Internet.

» natural object = objeto natural.

Example: The author discusses the works of Michelle Stuart, a New York-based artist who uses natural objects, such as seeds, twigs and leaves, in her art.

» object knowledge = conocimiento del objeto.

Example: Object knowledge progresses stepwise from the object as a whole to its parts, subparts, etc, and can be visualised as an object-specific tree structure.

» object language = lenguaje de objetos.

Example: Object language comprises all intentional and non-intentional display of material things, such as implements, machines, art objects, architectural structures, and last but not least, the human body and whatever clothes cover it.

» object management = gestión de objetos.

Example: Many faculty would like to conceive of the 21st-century librarian as a polymath who is as sensitive to issues in the arts and humanities as he or she is knowledgeable about computers, networking and about related programming object management issues.

» object-oriented = orientado hacia el objeto.

Example: With the graphics component both bit-mapped and object-oriented illustrations can be created.

» object-oriented programming (OOP) = programación orientada a objetos.

Example: This article defines hypertext and its relation to object-oriented programming in the use of computers.

» object program(me) = programa objeto.

Example: An object program is the computer-language program prepared by an assembler or a compiler after acting on a programmer-written source program.

» object-specific = basado en los objetos.

Example: Object knowledge progresses stepwise from the object as a whole to its parts, subparts, etc, and can be visualised as an object-specific tree structure.

» physical object = objeto.

Example: The rolls, which it was customary to keep in the bosom, contained exhortations, messages and promises and were considered very valuable as physical objects.

» sex object = objeto sexual, mujer objeto.

Example: Indian advertisements contain more traditional images of women as unequal in status with men, whereas the US examples tend to highlight women as sex objects.

» sharp object used as a weapon = arma blanca.

Example: The woman went into the store and waited for customers to leave before approaching an employee behind the counter and demanding cash while using a sharp object as a weapon.

» three-dimensional object = objeto tridimensional.

Example: Non-book media is defined as information-bearing media which are not in the form of a book such as visual images, geographical artifacts, three-dimensional objects, music scores and recorded sound and microfilms.

» UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) = OVNI (Objeto Volador No Identificado).

Example: The space man, poor fellow, has presumably wandered up and somehow indicated that his UFO has conked out.

» useless object = objeto inútil, objeto inservible, cacharro.

Example: The human race has been making useless objects from the very earliest times.

object2 = objeto, objetivo. 

Example: The object of classification is to group related subjects.


» object lesson = perfecta demostración.

Example: It provides an object lesson in the many factors of the software which have a bearing on the choice, design and operation of a computerised system.

» object of curiosity = objeto de curiosidad.

Example: With their massive amount of luggage, they were an object of curiosity from the folks sitting on benches.

» object of interest = objeto de interés.

Example: The book sought by a person is really, most frequently, not the object of his/her interest, but the work contained in it is.

» object of ridicule = objeto de burla.

Example: But once the Community becomes an object of ridicule in the minds of the public, truth falls victim to ignorance and prejudice.

» object of study = objeto de estudio.

Example: The results show that theses made at the two departments represent two distinctly different approaches to a common object of study.

object3 = objetar, poner objeciones. 

Example: It may be objected that a direct experience of the country by visiting it does not ensure a true picture, in fact that it may even stand in the way.


» object + peevishly = decir de mala manera.

Example: 'Don't turn on the light,' John objected peevishly as she moved toward the electric switch.

» object to = oponerse a, poner objeciones a.

Example: In one library, the director objected to the category heading 'Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender' = En una biblioteca, el director se opuso a que se utilizase la categoría "Gay, Lesbiana, Bisexual y Transexual".

Object synonyms

objective in spanish: objetivo, pronunciation: əbdʒektɪv part of speech: noun, adjective aim in spanish: objetivo, pronunciation: eɪm part of speech: noun, verb target in spanish: objetivo, pronunciation: tɑrgət part of speech: noun physical object in spanish: objeto físico, pronunciation: fɪzɪkəlɑbdʒekt part of speech: noun
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