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pronunciation: oʊbxetiboʊ part of speech: noun, adjective
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objective1 = objetivo, propósito, fin, finalidad. [Acción específica que se pretende llevar a cabo, siendo necesarias varias de ellas para alcanzar una meta]

Example: An objective is an individual act intended to be carried out, and a number o which are required to be carried out in order to reach a goal.


» accomplish + an objective = conseguir un objetivo.

Example: My approach here is always to go back and see what objectives our predecessors have tried to accomplish.

» achieve + an objective = conseguir un objetivo.

Example: The user has to be made aware of its possible existence, if our systems are to achieve their objective of making information available freely.

» behavioural objective = objetivo de comportamiento. [En educación, cambio en la conducta de una individuo que se pretende conseguir con una tarea de aprendizaje específica]

Example: This article describes the application of the behaviouristic curriculum planning process in which learning activities are delivered to students through a linear planning process controlled by the detailing of behavioural objectives.

» clarify + an objective = aclarar un objetivo.

Example: As used in their book, planning covers a wide range of activities, including establishing policies, clarifying objectives, and making decisions.

» defeat + Posesivo + objective = ser contraproducente, no tener sentido.

Example: They actually defeating their objective because they are feeding and fuelling the very mentality which is creating the ills they say they want to eliminate.

» draw up + objectives = elaborar objetivos.

Example: A number of authorities have in the meantime drawn up objectives for their public library service.

» fulfil + an objective = cumplir un objetivo.

Example: The traditional catalogue is failing to fulfill this objective at an ever increasing rate.

» have + as + Posesivo + objective = tener como objetivo.

Example: DGIS has as its objectives the provision of a single, easy-to-use interface with all these data bases.

» learning objective = objetivo de aprendizaje. [En educación, aquello que se pretende conseguir con una actividad educativa concreta]

Example: The learning objectives and teaching methods exhibited considerable variety, however.

» management by objectives (MBO) = gestión por objetivos. [Gestión que se desarrolla mediante la fijación de unos objetivos y de los medios para conseguirlos]

Example: The library is now run according to a marketing concept and on the principle of management by objectives (MBO).

» meet + an objective = cumplir un objetivo, cubrir un objetivo.

Example: Author catalogues and indexes can be designed to meet different objectives.

» military objective = objetivo militar.

Example: Beyond this conflict, control of news in time of war has become a military objective throughout the world.

» objective case = caso objetivo.

Example: A reader or a listener, the descriptive grammarians would argue, would not assume, despite the singular verb and the objective case pronouns, that Mary was the subject, rather than the object, of the sentence.

» objective setting = establecimiento de objetivos, fijación de objetivos.

Example: Staff should be made to feel involved in the Plan through personal objective setting.

» pursue + an objective = perseguir un objetivo.

Example: The USA has pursued these objectives through 2 principal avenues -- bilateral negotiations with specific countries and multilateral negotiations through the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).

» statement of objectives = declaración de intenciones, declaración de objetivos.

Example: Such a statement of objectives may appear narrowly defined in its practices and yet, at the same time, rather sweeping in its assumptions.

objective2 = objetivo, imparcial, neutral, ecuánime. 

Example: Some say that journalism is not objective; others that it cannot be objective; and still others that it should not be objective.


» objective evaluation = evaluación objetiva.

Example: A possible solution is that of 'illuminative evaluation', a technique which gives evaluation a humanistic rather than a scientific base (objective evaluation).

Objective synonyms

aim in spanish: objetivo, pronunciation: eɪm part of speech: noun, verb cool in spanish: guay, pronunciation: kul part of speech: adjective, verb object in spanish: objeto, pronunciation: ɑbdʒekt part of speech: noun target in spanish: objetivo, pronunciation: tɑrgət part of speech: noun concrete in spanish: hormigón, pronunciation: kənkrit part of speech: adjective, noun neutral in spanish: neutral, pronunciation: nutrəl part of speech: adjective clinical in spanish: clínico, pronunciation: klɪnəkəl part of speech: adjective impersonal in spanish: impersonal, pronunciation: ɪmpɜrsənəl part of speech: adjective accusative in spanish: acusativo, pronunciation: əkjuzətɪv part of speech: noun, adjective verifiable in spanish: verifiable, pronunciation: verəfaɪəbəl part of speech: adjective nonsubjective in spanish: no subjetivo, pronunciation: nɑnsəbdʒektɪv part of speech: adjective representational in spanish: figurativo, pronunciation: reprəzənteɪʃənəl part of speech: adjective object glass in spanish: vidrio de objeto, pronunciation: ɑbdʒektglæs part of speech: noun

Objective antonyms

subjective pronunciation: səbdʒektɪv part of speech: adjective
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