Objection in spanish


pronunciation: oʊbxeθioʊn part of speech: noun
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objection = objeción. 

Example: My objection to the use of title-unit entries is not so much that they will disperse the works of an author, because this could be brought together by means of an author added entry.


» conscientious objection = objeción de conciencia, objeción de consciencia.

Example: This paper discusses both moral and political aspects of conscientious objection.

» raise + an objection = hacer una objeción, objetar, poner peros, poner reparos, poner pegas.

Example: The objection that is always raised against our subject access reflecting a multiplicity of points of view is that the reader's expectations concerning access will often not be met.

Objection synonyms

dissent in spanish: disentir, pronunciation: dɪsent part of speech: noun protest in spanish: protesta, pronunciation: proʊtest part of speech: noun, verb remonstrance in spanish: protesta, pronunciation: rimɑnstrəns part of speech: noun expostulation in spanish: amonestación, pronunciation: ekspɑstʃəleɪʃən part of speech: noun
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