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pronunciation: oʊbligɑθioʊn part of speech: noun
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obligation = obligación, deber. 

Example: At the same time, the Library acknowledges its obligation to cooperate with major abstracting and indexing services to build a comprehensive national bibliographic data base.


» absolve + Nombre + from obligation = absolver de obligación, eximir de obligación.

Example: Most publications are probably free distribution material and whilst that does not absolve the publishers from the obligation of legal deposit it is probable that many local authorities do not submit their materials.

» be under no obligation to = no tener la obligación de.

Example: They are under no obligation to inform the public of their financial status, so most do not bother.

» be under the obligation to = tener la obligación de, estar sujeto a la obligación de.

Example: Although the library had awarded him a fellowship, he was not under the obligation to work there following graduation = Aunque la biblioteca le había concedido una beca, no tenía la obligación de trabajar allí tras su graduación.

» domestic obligations = obligaciones domésticas.

Example: It contains a bevy of fearsomely feisty female archetypes removed from domestic obligations and toughened in the brutal setting of prison life.

» duck + an obligation = eludir una obligación.

Example: Historically librarians have done a good job of managing resources on behalf of our scholars and we shouldn't duck or postpone our obligation to act decisively.

» ethical obligation = obligación ética.

Example: This article maintains that archivists as custodians of the records have an ethical obligation to support the freest possible access to public records.

» fulfil + obligation = cumplir (con) + Posesivo + obligación, cumplir (con) una obligación.

Example: This agreement must build in incentives to participating libraries as well as methods of censuring those participants which do not fulfil their obligations to the other participating libraries in the network = Este acuerdo debe incorporar incentivos para las bibliotecas participantes así cómo la forma de llamarle la atención a aquellos participantes que no cumplan sus obligaciones con las otras bibliotecas de la red.

» have + an obligation to = tener (la) obligación de.

Example: The Catholic Church tells us that we have an obligation to go to Mass every Sunday.

» holiday of obligation = fiesta de precepto, fiesta de guardar. [En la religión católica, día en el que es obligado ir a misa]

Example: Through the years we made sure we attended Mass as a family every Sunday and on all holidays of obligation.

» honour + an obligation = cumplir (con) una obligación.

Example: According to the market regulator, the traders would be required to mandatorily honour the obligation of delivering the shares at the time of settlement = Según el regulador del mercado, los operadores de bolsa deberían cumplir forzosamente con la obligación de la entrega de las acciones en el momento del acuerdo.

» household obligations = obligaciones domésticas.

Example: The organization of women's working day to include household obligations affects their patterns of leisure time & activity.

» legal obligation = obligación legal.

Example: Public librarians have a legal and moral obligation to provide a library service for all young adults, and particularly for the young unemployed.

» live up to + Posesivo + obligation = cumplir (con) + Posesivo + obligación.

Example: Danish libraries must include video in their services if they wish to live up to their obligation as regards giving users the possibility of personal enrichment = Las bibliotecas danesas deben incluir el vídeo en sus servicios si desean cumplir con su oblicación de dar a los usuarios la posibilidad del enriquecimiento personal.

» moral obligation = obligación moral.

Example: Public librarians have a legal and moral obligation to provide a library service for all young adults, and particularly for the young unemployed.

» no obligation = sin ningún compromiso, sin compromiso alguno, sin compromiso ninguno. [Expresión muy común usada en el entorno comercial para invitar a alguien a que pruebe un servicio o producto sin comprometerse a su compra]

Example: A no obligation appointment is a good way to learn how we can help before starting treatment.

» sense of obligation = sentido de la obligación.

Example: Electronic communication does incite a sense of obligation between speaker and hearer that is lower than that of face-to-face interaction but stronger than that of traditional written media.

» statutory obligation = obligación legal.

Example: The key issues are: whether the recipient is relying on the information provided; whether money changed hands; and whether the institution is under a statutory obligation to provide the information = Las cuestiones claven era: si el destinatario depende de la información que se le suministrar, si hay un transacción económica de por medio y de si la institución tiene la obligación legal de ofrecer la información.

» without obligation = sin compromiso.

Example: For more information please contact us without obligation.

Obligation synonyms

duty in spanish: deber, pronunciation: duti part of speech: noun responsibility in spanish: responsabilidad, pronunciation: rispɑnsəbɪləti part of speech: noun
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