Oblique in spanish


pronunciation: oʊblikuoʊ part of speech: adjective
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oblique1 = barra inclinada (/), línea oblicua (/). [Nombre]

Example: The system makes use of hyphens, commas and obliques to deal with more complicated situations: GR/EN/FR/IT would mean that the text is published in each of the 4 languages indicated.


» oblique line (/) = línea oblicua (/), barra inclinada (/).

Example: In full cataloguing the author's name follows the title and should be separated from it by an oblique line.

» oblique stroke (/) = barra inclinada (/), línea oblicua (/).

Example: It is useful to employ some device, such as an oblique stroke (/), to separate clearly the elementary concepts in the summarization.

oblique2 = oblicuo. [Adjetivo]

Example: One of the main trends in the new type-designs of the seventeenth century was towards an increase of contrast, combined with a movement of stress from oblique to vertical.


» oblique angle = ángulo oblicuo.

Example: The acute and obtuse angles are also known as oblique angles.

oblique3 = indirecto, de refilón, de soslayo. [Adjetivo]

Example: 'It's certainly worth looking into,' Bogardus caught the oblique directness of the statement.

Oblique synonyms

bias in spanish: parcialidad, pronunciation: baɪəs part of speech: noun collateral in spanish: colateral, pronunciation: kəlætɜrəl part of speech: adjective, noun devious in spanish: tortuoso, pronunciation: diviəs part of speech: adjective sideways in spanish: oblicuo, pronunciation: saɪdweɪz part of speech: adverb diagonal in spanish: diagonal, pronunciation: daɪægənəl part of speech: adjective, noun indirect in spanish: indirecto, pronunciation: ɪndɜrekt part of speech: adjective catty-corner in spanish: esquina maliciosa, pronunciation: kætikɔrnɜr part of speech: adjective catacorner in spanish: catacorner, pronunciation: kætəkɔrnɜr part of speech: adjective kitty-corner in spanish: esquina gatito, pronunciation: kɪtikɔrnɜr part of speech: adjective catercorner in spanish: ganadero, pronunciation: kætɜrkɔrnɜr part of speech: adjective crabwise in spanish: crabwise, pronunciation: kræbwaɪz part of speech: adjective cater-cornered in spanish: acorralado, pronunciation: keɪtɜrkɔrnɜrd part of speech: adjective catty-cornered in spanish: acorralado, pronunciation: kætikɔrnɜrd part of speech: adjective nonparallel in spanish: no paralelo, pronunciation: nɑnpɜræləl part of speech: adjective oblique case in spanish: caso oblicuo, pronunciation: əblikkeɪs part of speech: noun kitty-cornered in spanish: gatito acorralado, pronunciation: kɪtikɔrnɜrd part of speech: adjective cata-cornered in spanish: acorralado, pronunciation: kætəkɔrnɜrd part of speech: adjective

Oblique antonyms

parallel pronunciation: perəlel part of speech: adjective, noun direct pronunciation: dɜrekt part of speech: adjective perpendicular pronunciation: pɜrpəndɪkjəlɜr part of speech: adjective lineal pronunciation: lɪniəl part of speech: adjective nominative pronunciation: nɑmənətɪv part of speech: adjective, noun nominative case pronunciation: nɑmənətɪvkeɪs part of speech: noun subject case pronunciation: səbdʒektkeɪs part of speech: noun
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