Pact in spanish


pronunciation: pɑktoʊ part of speech: noun
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pact = pacto, acuerdo. 

Example: Issues discussed at some length included problems arising from a recent copyright pact with the USA and how each country can obtain access to the best literature of the other.


» blood pact = pacto de sangre.

Example: Many people make blood pacts, sometimes even without realizing the spiritual implications of such a pact.

» electoral pact = pacto electoral.

Example: He wants the coalition to endure and fight the next general election on an electoral pact.

» make + a pact with the devil = hacer un pacto con el diablo.

Example: Witches were branded as evil for, among other reasons, having made a pact with the devil and then having intercourse with him.

» pact with the devil = pacto con el diablo.

Example: According to most superstitions, witches were said to acquire their supernatural powers through a pact with the Devil = Según la mayoría de las supersticiones, se decía que las brujas obtenian sus poderes sobrenaturales haciendo un pacto con el diablo.

» secret pact = pacto secreto.

Example: This article relates the untold story of the secret pact between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine.

» suicide pact = pacto suicida.

Example: The majority of such Internet-related suicide pacts have occurred in Japan, which has one of the highest overall suicide rates in the world.

Pact synonyms

accord in spanish: acuerdo, pronunciation: əkɔrd part of speech: noun, verb treaty in spanish: tratado, pronunciation: triti part of speech: noun
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